Has anyone missed Glasper the last 2 games?

I think they should move Glasper back to lineback where he played last year before he got hurt.

Our secondary seems to have played better the last 2 weeks.

Wait a second, Glasper is hurt again this year, injury prone??????????

I said 3 weeks ago that Glasper was the worst starting FS in the league. He is great at run support and lost in pass coverage. Seems to be completely focused on coming up to help on run plays and gets badly sucked in by play action. Tisdale looks at home at halfback and Thompson has been great all year. Keep Glasper on IR or try him at LB, he is not a FS.

I've never been a Glasper fan. I don't miss him.

  1. Who?

  2. Start the “Glasper injury-prone” thread.

  3. Start the “Trade Glasper NOW!” thread.

    The last 2 games I haven’t been watching the safety position closely enough to make layman’s-fan’s judgment.
    I do recall seeing Beveridge in for a few plays and NOT getting beat.