Has Anyone Heard Why?

Peter Dyakowski didn't start the game. Wayne Smith played in his spot till he( Smith) got hurt. I was not aware of any injuries to Peter but he did the best "hamster impression" in the corner of the team dugout. When I watched the game again at home, I heard "Suits" read us the starting lineup as Wayne Smith stood beside Simmons for our first play. As usual, Suitor didn't have a clue. He seems too busy talking to notice the play and the players. Please save us Duane Ford.
As if my holiday weekend wasn't spoiled enough, on Sunday I sat down to watch my second favourite team, the Steelers. Of all the announcers who do NFL football, the absolute worst is Dan Dierdorf. Well you guessed it. Good old Dan, the NFL equivalent to "Suits", was doing the Steeler game. The good news was the turkey was great but has anyone heard why Peter Dyakowski didn't start the game?

Pat Lynch(the old guy) :slight_smile:

I noticed that as well Pat. . . all of us with eyes could see Smith lining up in Dyakowski's spot while Suitor was telling us Dyakowski was starting. Well obviously he was reading what he was given (by the team, presumably) and not looking on the field. But he should have corrected himself as soon as he could, but I don't recall him doing that.

Slightly off on a tangent, but is anyone else getting annoyed at the fact that when injuries happen and a player is replaced, the talking heads often don't tell us who is coming in to replace the injured player, and don't tell us of any position shifts that result? They do sometimes, but it should be automatic each time it happens.

Peter had a cuff or sleeve that extended from his one hand up his arm beyond his elbow.

He may have sprained or twisted his wrist or his elbow sometime prior to the game starting.

There was definitely a elbow issue.
He had it re-wrapped in the second quarter to about the size of a cast...no kidding.