Has anyone heard of John Matthews?

Heard a rumor that a guy I work with was in the CFL at one time. Anyone hear of a John Matthews??

If you speak with your mouth full, "John Matthews" can sound just like "Don Matthews". Was your source eating while he told you that?

Nope, the guy said John, Was hoping I could find a picture, and prove it before I opened my mouth LOL

any other info on him? Like possible position?

........I checked the all time rosters for the stamps, lions and tigercats, never a member on those three, can't check sask, winn, edm, ott, TO or Mont........and the cflpa doesn't have a public memberlist........ask him the year and team he played for, seem slike a reasonable question.....with the amount of info we have at our fingertips these days, a guy willing to risk his rep on a claim like this seems silly.....

Oh No.

This was a secret. John Matthews is The Don's Twin. He coaches games when the Als have easy games to give the Don a break. The Last time he did this was when the Als lost to Winnipeg. Don Has recently vowed never to let his brother coach again after that loss. John Matthews also coached for The Don in most of his Saskatchewan years.

they must be identical twins ...I could hardly tell them apart...it was almost like they were the same guy....meh.. 8)

kind of stupid to quote myself, but it looks like John Matthews was coaching for Don tonight too when Calgary beat them