Has ANYONE heard from Calgary lately?

Just got off the Stampeder forum site here on CFL.ca. There have been NO posts since Nov 9th, 8 days ago {sounds of crickets ensues}. Hello anyone home??? Buhler, Buhler, anyone, anyone?????? Oh the excitement, its underwhelming. I highly suspect alot of locals, assuming the city still exists, don't even know there is a western final this Sunday. :cry: Even the Argo's are supporting their team. What's up Cowtown? Did it wash away as the glaciers retreat due to global warming.

In an alternate universe an alien force has taken over the city. A hive mentality is created... "resistance is futile, football is boring". But wait, arriving at warp speed soon will be the "USS RoughRider (NCC-2010)" to save the day and bring excitement back to a city that just doesn't care. After saving the day, legions more Rider fans will exist in the newly freed city, a city of peace,harmony and Rider fans. It will have a stadium with the largest supporter of Riders fans outside of Saskatchewan. Next stop will be to free the people of Edmonton from the evil Borg empire on Nov 28th. :wink: Comments welcomed..... :smiley:

....35,650 of us know there is a game on Sunday....equating forum participation with support where it counts is a questionable theory, you should look for a new Science Officer...

I heard Calgary was busy clearing away the snow from around the U of C campus so the Rider fans can pitch their tents and squat for the weekend. They also needed an area large enough to park all the Riders fan grain trucks. Likely a cold trip with all the second cousins and kin packed in the back.

One of the reasons Stampeder fans have not been on the forums is likely because they have a job and a life. The thing called a job is why so many Rider fans have left Saskatchewan and the thing called a job and a life keeps a lot of people busy. It is easy to see the people who do not have a life by the number of posts some people place.

Maybe you should get yourself out of bed and start reading newspapers and listening to the radio while you are between your shifts of supersizing orders. You are talking about one of the hottest economies in Canada, whith the lowest unemployment rate. And by the way, have you ever driven 90 % of Alberta. Guess what, it's all FARMS. You have 10% mountains and you think you are some exotic piece of Canada. Ever heard of Alberta Beef? Guess what, it comes from FARMS. Oh, and don't forget to drive 6 hours for your lazy summer day at a lake, since there isn't one in Alberta. Saskers can drive 30 minutes and choose from 100's of them.

Might wanna pick up a book once in a while. No lakes in Alberta?

[url=http://sunsite.ualberta.ca/Projects/Alberta-Lakes/view/?region=South%20Saskatchewan%20Region&basin=Red%20Deer%20River%20Basin&lake=Gull%20Lake&number=102&page=Introduction]http://sunsite.ualberta.ca/Projects/Alb ... troduction[/url]

By the way, I have a cabin on my lake lot in ALBERTA 1 hour away.

Why all the hate… i myself really wonders what happened to the forum… did everyone move to another forum?

Watching football fans trash the provinces of rival teams is both funny and sad.

People insulting Saskatchewan folk about something that they have no idea about is pretty sad.

True, Saskatchewan does have a lot more for Lakes.. but Alberta does have some nice ones.

although Manitoba has real lakes.. these are like sloughs.

For me, this is all meant in friendly ribbing between Alberta and Sask. Some of my best friends have immigrated to Alberta from Sask, they are the ones who came up with the grain trucks full of their second cousins.

On the matter of everyone leaving Sask - Burris was like a number of others who left Sask for a better paying position. Burris is probably happy he is now paid in normal currency, and not have to take payment in bags of grain, or piles of manure that McCallum received.

The initial posting on this thread, signed off with "Comments welcomed ...", If some Riders fans can't stand the insults they should not ask for them.

Why this topic is going all economic I have no idea. But seeing as it is, here is the thing. I was in Alberta during the summer. Usually the topic always went to the economy with Albertans when I told them I was from Saskatchewan. Why? Saskatchewan was hit the least by the economic downturn. We were able to rely on more than just our oil to get us through. I was also told that people are abandonning their massive homes that they built; that when times were good in Alberta people had the illusion that thats how it would always be. They started to build all of the massive homes (so much for being an educated bunch). Now that there arent as many jobs in Alberta (well, I guess you can go and apply at McDonalds if you are really desperate) people are moving back to Saskatchewan. People from Ontario are moving here as well (you have no idea how many people from Ontario I have met through school, the family business etc over the past year).

Hey Green who told you Albertans were bailing on massive homes? some bum on the corner?

I've lived here for 25 years and and the only ones leaving are the ones that came from down east and Sask. Now maybe in Ft.Mac there were some huge homes being dumped, i don't know. But a large number of people in Ft.Mac came from all over Canada.

So can you please post a link that shows all these massive homes being dumped?


…green, your post is so full of generalizations and heresay I’m not even sure how to respond to it, so I won’t (but I did)…alberta is hardly going down the toilet as you claim

[url=http://www.calgaryherald.com/business/Alberta+lead+economic+growth+Canada+after+lagging/2994252/story.html]http://www.calgaryherald.com/business/A ... story.html[/url]

…seriously folks, last thing this forum needs leading up to Sunday’s game is a fight between neighbouring provinces based on who thinks their grass is greener, guess what?, it’s the same colour…concentrate on the game people…

:thup: :thup: :thup:

with all the talk of lakes and such in Ab and Sask makes us in BC feel left out. We have mountians lakes and the Ocean (well Part of the ocean. Mind you once the big one hits here Ab will then have part of the ocean :lol:

You Alberta and BC folk are just jealous of the 8 foot snow drifts and 200km winds we get here in Saskatchewan. It's all good though, since we all drive tractors it's no big deal. The old joke about seeing your dog run away for 3 days is completely a myth, I can't see out my front window due to the drifts.

Speaking of BC - I heard everyone moved to AB to work in order to make enough money to move to BC.

And speaking of the big one - sure hope all the pounding on the metal stands at Empire Field didn’t have any lasting contribution the matter of slipping, sliding away.

No the information wasnt from some bum on the street. I talked to an upper manager of one of the hospitals in Calgary. I also talked to a person in real estate, and that is what I was told. I also rented a condo in Canmore, and three quarters of the condos were still for sale even tho it had been completed quite a few months back. People built new condos and homes with the assumption that the market would always stay the same. During the time it took for their homes to be built, Canada experianced a recession, and as a result houses sit on the market.

[url=http://thecalgaryrealestateblog.com/category/real-estate-general/new-homes/]http://thecalgaryrealestateblog.com/cat ... new-homes/[/url]

Too many condos and homes are going up in Calgary and not enough demand. There are over 4300 homes for sale in Calgary right now, and 2000 condos about three hundred of them having offers on them right now (the Calgary real estate board). The price of the homes are still around 450 thousand. What I was told from that real estate agent was that is because people cant afford to take anything less as they still need to pay for the mortgages they had just gotten into when they decided to build their home 4 or 5 years ago, and they are just being completed now. You would think that developers would have done their research in determining whether or not what they were building was going to sell, and they probably did.
The link you provide says that Albertas economy slowed down in 2010. Of course the paper is going to be optimistic, its a way of getting people to start spending money again. The same thing happened in Saskatchewan, where huge surpluses were projected but they never came. It happens when your entire economy is based on commodities which have such a wide range of fluctuation.
This isnt saying "Saskatchewan is better than Alberta". In fact, I hope that Calgary and Alberta for matter does do well in 2011. I have family in Alberta, and it would be good for their businesses. Its the attitude that people from outside of Saskatchewan hold that we are "lazy", dont work, and it is a aweful place to live. That is not the case, and never really has been the case.

greenandwhite - you are taking this thread way too seriously. This thread started as trash talk and all it is - is trash talk. The last thing needed in any trash talk is facts.

I was asked to provide links and facts to what I said, and there they are.