Has anyone ever wore black in the sun

You know this may be just an idea but.. Why arent our guys wearing the gold Uniforms on July day games and the all black during cooler Night games. I know the black is tradition but we play in an outdoor stadium the way football should be played well lets stop giving the other team an advantage perhaps the Black has contributed to some of the Late game home losses we had last year I dunno it is Just a thought

Because they're all night games in the summer.

Hey - you may have a point. Lets schedule the games in the afternoon in the summer, wear the white uniforms, make the other teams wear their dark uniforms, move the opposing benches from the dug out and make them sit in the sun. We need all the help we can get!

And lets put a glass enclosure over their bench and add heat lamps.

The great South African golfer, Gary Player, has worn black during his 9 major championships, 15 U.S. tour wins and all of his international wins. He is known as the Black Knight. Of course Gary Player is 5'7" and 160 lbs.
I think I'd have to agree with wearing black at night at Ivor Wynn and something less formal during the day. :smiley:

Pat Lynch (the old fashion model in section 7)

There is a reason that the navies of the world switch from "navy blue" to "tropical white" in hot climes!

Why not just fill the other teams jerseys with heating patches?

I would think that Red would be a harsher colour in the heat of summer than black and yet who are the Grey Cup Champs?