Has anyone else seen this??

You've got to be kidding me. I was on the BC Lions site, and their poll question there is - I kid you not - "Which Eskimo quarterback has the biggest ears - Ricky Ray or Jason Maas?" So far, according to the results, Mass is cleaning up in this one.

You kid us not.

Talk about lack of respect.

........pretty classless.........there is a air of arrogance coming form the westcoast that is getting awfully stinky this side of the rockies.........time to declaw the pussycats......


that's the kind of poll you expect here, not on a offical forum.

I'm sorry....but that's the funniest damn poll question EVER!!

It's not classless, it's just stupid and silly more than anything. Classless would be..."Which running back is blacker, Antonio Warren or Ron McClendon"?

Typical Arrogant Lions. I can't wait to see Ray run up the score on them. Then when the game is out of reach have Maas come in and make it worse.
Eskimos 51 Lions 23

im an esks fan and i dont really have a problem with this other than i dont think Ray has big ears....Maas has huge ears though

Point noted, and agreed with. I just don't know if it's right to be using it as a poll question.

.......sorry Oaty, but it remains without class this side of Hope.........like U&H said, it's something we would've expected here in the forum, not on an offical website........the fact that you a BC fan and backing it up, or justifying it's presence lends credence to our observations that there are a lot of big-head BC fans right now that are pretty high on a 5-0 record........pride goeth before the fall is what my preacher grandpa would've quoted...........wow, maybe I'm channelling right now........

thats not really not much more of an official forum anymore than this one is...i woulde surprised to see a poll like that at lionbackers.com, but not at the team's website. you say you wouldnt be surprised to see it here, well this is an official website as well

.......what we say in here 32001 is fairly unrestricted.......but there's no way that the CFL would post something like that on their official front page......I'd be really surprized if that was approved by the Lions head office, probably more than likely a rebel webpage minder that got a little over-zealous in his/her creativity.........

o...i went and checked it out and i know what u mean, i thought it was posted on the site forum, but i was just posted by the site admins.....ok, im gonna have to agree with you, that is pretty cocky and dumb


red and white...I agree it's not the smartest poll question for the Lions to post...

But it probably was just some nerdy IT guy who thought it was a funny question, and decided to slap it on the site....it certainly doesn't represent the Lions respect or lack thereof of the Eskies. The Lions definitely respect Ray, Maas and the Esks.

The poll is just plain dorky...and intended to get a laugh/rise out of people. If anyone other than Ricky or Jason saw it, and didn't laugh out loud for a second or two, I'd be shocked. It is what it is, silly.

Besides, most polls on team sites are incredibly lame, with little if any fun attached to them at all. On the bomber site for instance...the question a while back was "Who will win the Grey Cup?", and of course, being Wpg fans only responding, the answer was a resounding 85% for the Bombers. ...a complete waste of time.

I agree it is a waste of time but time can be wasted a bit more tastefully

I don't think that poll was humorous in the least. I think it is tasteless to poke fun at someone for something they cannot change. People are born with certain physical characteristics, and they aren't always easy to alter, even if they wanted to. In my opinion, people who laugh at this base sort of humour lack the intelligence necessary to appreciate real humour - sarcasm, wit, and play on words, for example - and are scraping the bottom of the stupid barrel. I would rather see a thousand "lame" polls, which are not offensive to people's appearances, than one of this calibre.

.......true enough, and I'm sure JM has heard it all before, it was just surprizing to see it on an officail website........

Ricky Ray does not have big ears. He just doesn't have much hair. You look at someone who's bald and they probably have big ears because hair makes them look smaller. I agree Jason Maas has big ears though.

Most 10 year old kids could take a screen shot of the Lions page and edit a poll.

But nice try.

.......???????........it's not a fake dude, go look at the actual website yourself.......