Has Anyone Clinched First in the East Yet?

With the Als loss, have the Argos clinched first? If the Als beat the Argos next week, do they win first?
And I heard Winnipeg has a shot.
Anybody know what the situation is?

Winnipeg cannot take first!
If Mtl beats Tor next week and Wpg beats BC, it will be a 3 way tie for first but because of season series...it will finish

It Tor beats Mtl and Wpg beats BC it will be

...that's it ro....and either Argos or Montreal are praying that the Bombers lose that final game...cuz after that ....it's a trip to the Peg. for a play-off ..which at this time of the year can get a little nasty.... :lol: :lol: :lol: :rockin:

I doubt that either MTL or Tor is worried about WPG right now! After their game the loser will be worried......

Blame CBC for making people think Winnipeg has a shot!

yeah ...but its all immaterial for the Argos or Mont....if the Bombers flub one in Van....they will finish ....1 or 2...and an in-door play-off.......but i.m sure each of these teams...Argos or Als. are definitely aiming at the top rung.... to avoid that possible trip to the Peg...its getting real interesting...Let the games begin... :rockin: :rockin:

it is very interesting, and i hope to good winnipeg ccan take it next week. and look at it this way. BC as the west locked. They are not going to be risking it with key players. i can see dickenson sitting out because he has been very injury prone lately, and multiple others maybe be sitting out while the bombers will still be in full flight trying to lock up that playoff home game. I think the eastern semi is coming to the peg city

I hope so, two big games comming up next wknd...players will be playing playoff ball and comming out of next wknd with no major injuries n 2 pts will put Our Bombers in the drivers seat..