Has anyone been downtown yet ?

There are tons of people in the vicinity, not dead at all. Had a blast today, and no doubt will again tomorrow at Riderville.

I'm sure Vancouver would be vastly improved if you left.

I highly doubt there's ever been one. Is there a block feature on here?

Totally wish i hadn't burned up all
My vacation time this year. Looks lkem a great party.


yes ive blocked a couple on here already it a great feature

it is snowing in Vancouver

Done, problem solved!

Don't trust what you see. TSN booth is located at B.C. Place far from grey cup festivals. Local TV news such as global and CBC show large crowds. Events are spread out downtown at Canada Place, Jack Poole plaza and other locations.

What a weird troll.

Anyway, Kathy and I are having a GREAT time here. Vancouver is a classy, happening metropolis. Looking forward to the too many things to do today. Not sure how we're going to fit them all in.

My only real compliant about Van is that some bicyclists here have a giant and dangerous sense of entitlement and would rather mow you down than, you know, stop for a pedestrian in a crosswalk. Not sure what that's all about but it appears to be pervasive and has been going on for years. Drivers, on the other hand, generally have the opposite attitude. In my experience anyway. I like it here but due to the arrogance of some I would probably not live here.

The Grey Cup festival is in full swing now and we're off to the parade this morning. :smiley: