Has a trade ever looked better?

The trade of Joe smith to the Bombers for Roberts has been very good for both teams. I can't remember a trade in some time that really helped kick start both teams and both players involved so much. Its been great for both.

Good win tonight Winterpeg. Smith was a wrecking ball in the game.

It looks pretty one sinded to me in the favour of Winnipeg. Smith looked awesome tonight.

I agree. Has Roberts really had an impact? I suppose you could say it's even since the Lions got rid of a head case...

Roberts was their leading rusher in 2 out of 3 games. Not bad? Smith isn’t getting all the carries in Winterpeg either. Its been very refreshing for both teams and turned around both of their seasons.

..Joltin Joe and Reid made the difference.....they look good going into the nasty weather.....now if we only had a qb. :lol: :lol:

swervin and other lions fans are trying to lie to themselves when they say it was a fair trade of roberts for smith, :lol: i guess we stole 1 this time

Not being a fan of either team, I'd have to say that, so far, Winnipeg is getting the better deal ... not by much yet, but a better deal. Roberts seems to be a bit of a bit player in BC so far.

Before today, what had Joe Smith done for Winnipeg? The trade of 2 marquee players has been nothing like it was supposed to be. Both of them have become backups. They both hardly touch the ball. Look at Smith's numbers since hes joined them and you'll see he's done jack until tonight.

I'm not sure why BC doesn't play Roberts more, he should be fresh but it seems to Logan on all the time. Maybe that will change after the fumbles he had tonight. They need to split it 50-50.

He may not have done a whole lot but ask any Bomber fan how they feel about the running game under Reid and Smith post Charlie and you will get a good response. It gives the Bombers options :slight_smile:

This coming from a Lions fan - BC got the bad end of the stick in the trade . Big time. Roberts won't even be on the team next season . The reason he doesn't get more play time is because he's about half as quick as Logan. WB is by his decision to start Logan the last two games finally admitting that Roberts isn't what he's been trying to sell us. So far Roberts has sucked in BC , that he was made the starter with out earning the spot was a joke .Berry would appear to have been correct in his assessment that Roberts was in decline .
Congrats Joe on an impressive game last night , we sure could have used you in BC last night. Instead we now got the second most expensive bench warmer in the league after CP.Told you so Bomber fans that you got a good RB in that deal.

ha ha ha giving away a guy like joe smith???????? looooserrrrrssssssssssssss only b.c. would dosomething that stupid
good for you winnipeg!! :thup:

Shameful isn't it .

This fellow is a hater.

BIG DEAL. THE BOMBERS GOT SMITH FOR ROBERTS. B.C. has a far better team than Winnipeg. B.C. has far better coaching ( Wally Buono ). B.C. has far better management. We won 4 games against Hamilton and Toronto. What do we have in Winnipeg, Taman and Bauer which are a joke. B.C. won a Grey Cup a few years ago. Winnipeg has not won a Cup in 19 years. enough said. And everyone is worried about who got the best of a pair of broken down running backs.

Who isn't a "hater" in your books...?

you say we like your a fan of the bomber's lol quit kidding yourself way to totally derail this thread with your ramblings......

anyways back on topic bombers definately got the better half of the deal, thumpin' joe is a train roberts is a limp duck

Roberts is done. He needs to change his nickname from 'Blink' to 'Fall down for 3 yards'. He won't be on the Lions next year.

I don't think the trade hurt the Lions however. Smith was never going to suit up for a game under Buono anyway, so we traded a guy who would have never played, for a guy who at least had some promise of doing something.

me a hater?? becuase i said it was foolish of b.c. to get rid of joe smith who has so much potential…granted logan is awesome but to give away joe who is only getting better by the game for a guy like roberts who’s only getting older & slower???

a hater for stating the truth . a bit on an unfair label on me i’d say lol

enjoy everyone over the next few weeks & beware the evil empire 'cos we are gonna surprise al lot of teams int the next 3 games :slight_smile:

go esks :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: