Has 1050 dropped the Blue Team??

Had to be on the road this afternoon - so while driving - several times I flipped the radio from 590 (for baseball) to 1050 (to get the score in the A(&0$ - Stamps game). There were 2 guys on discussing the NFL each time. Has 1050 dropped their games? Did they not want the expense of a road trip to the new temporary home stadium? Did they just figure that nobody would be listening anyway? Enquiring minds want to know.

All of Toronto has dropped the Argo's

I think they've dropped the Leafs too, since the Blue Jays have made the playoffs, that's all that is important to Toronto and most of Canada.

Toronto...? Is that somewhere near Hamilton!!? :smiley:

The game was on 1010 CFRB.

tweets from Mike Hogan and a fan

(tweet from MH) Looking for the #Argos game on the radio? Listen here http://player.newstalk1010.com/ RT if you can to help get the word out, thanks. #CFL

(tweet from fan) @tsnmikehogan The #Argos being bumped from their home field is bad enough, also getting kicked off their radio station too. #norespect #cfl

(tweet from MH) @Abmhtc Disrespect would be going internet only, like what happened during Eastern Final on previous rights holder. Strong signal on 1010

Is Mike saying that or is someone saying it to Mike. I dont get twitter!

i edited it for you. :smiley:

Perfect. Thanks.

Thought maybe Mike grew a set for second lol

They don't even have a home on the radio dial!! What a joke they are. The new owners have a lot to do this off-season to win back its fan base.

An Argo-Cat fan

But this has happened in Ottawa too, TSN 1200 is the voice of the REDBLACKS but when I tuned in for the last game there was a hockey game. The football game was switched to CFRA 580.
The same thing in Hamilton too, TSN 1150 had a hockey game and the Ticats was switched to 900 CHML.
This probably happens across Canada and people are making a big deal of it. It’s not like there is no radio coverage.

Ricky Foley still likes the Argo's, he's trying entrepreneurship now by creating "Argo's against the CFL" T-shirts the only problem is No one wants to buy any so he's giving them away, oh well another Argo football player business venture gone bust!

Is it any wonder why Sports Radio in Toronto doesn't want to broadcast the Argo games, especially after 3500 fans show up in Hamilton and 3499 are not even Argo fans??

I know Greydragon is an Argo fan, oh there's one, Dick Shato two, Kathleen Wynne three...

Um, no, that hasn't happened and wouldn't happen. Ticats are the #1 priority on TSN1150. And if they're on at the same time as something else they have the rights to (like a Mac game), it's the other thing that gets moved to Funny820, which is the same company. Not CHML, which is a competitor.

Just thought I'd clarify a couple of things.

The Argos game on Saturday was originally scheduled on TSN 1050. The Leafs game was on the Fan. When the Jays advanced there became a conflict down the dial. Our station took the Leafs game because it made sense. It was after the Jays game was done and well, it's the Leafs...still the Alpha dog in the market.

Our sister station is Newstalk 1010. They were nice enough to allow us to interrupt their regular broadcast day to air the Argo game. It gave us the availability to air the game with a very strong signal.

It beats the alternative. When I worked at the previous rights holder, the 2010 East Final in Montreal was bumped to an internet only broadcast because of an early season Raptors game. I'm not making that up.

We're still very much committed to the CFL on TSN. In Hamilton you're reaping the benefits with the TSN 1150 broadcasts, the increased Ticat presence on the station with the noon-hour show with Jimmer and on the drive show with Marshall and Uncle Miltie.

That commitment on TSN 1050 will increase even more next year with the ownership change.

This has been a hell of a frustrating season for CFL fans in Toronto. You guys can relate with the stadium mess and the games being moved to Guelph. As bad as it seems now, it CAN turn around in Toronto. Remember the bad old days in Hamilton under previous ownership when there was much concern about the team.

I remember interviewing Dale Sanderson once while he was sitting on a billboard in a season ticket drive trying to keep the team afloat. It's amazing to see where the team is now and I'm hoping the Argos can mirror that success at BMO next year, and then moving forward from there.

From a long time Argo fan, thanks for the use of your building, it's VERY much appreciated.

Here's to a Ticat/Argo East Final.

Mike Hogan

You probably couldn't see it from the radio booth, but someone was walking up and down the stairs holding up a "Rogers Sucks" sign.
And then Eric Rogers dropped that late wide-open touchdown pass. So the sign was true in more ways than one. :cowboy:

I second that. As bad as it is being displaced, having THF made available means legitimate games in a legitimate facility. I tweeted #thanksbobyoung a couple of times before Saturday's game.

Yes it did happen and no it was a Mac game that was on 1150 not a Tiger Cat game and it was either switched to another station not 900 or the Ticat game came on after the Mac game was over. But my point was, the Ticat game was NOT on 1150
And in Ottawa the TSN station had a 67s game on and the football broadcast was on CFRA 580.
I sometimes put the game on the radio because they are at least 30 seconds ahead of the TSN on-line broadcast

I really don't want to argue this but the only conflict was the Edmonton game which was at 4:00 while Mac played at 1:00 ( I believe at Guelph). The Mac game was on Funny 820 so they could start the Ticats pregame show on TSN 1150 at 2:00. Although it's possible that they might have done something different with the online feed.

:o That is absolutely shocking. Actually maybe it isn't given the state of things as of late. The Raptor ratings have been tiny even on a national basis, never mind on a local one. Irregardless of the ratings however, a CFL playoff game should [i]always[/i] trump a an early season Raptor game