Harris ready to go for WF

Jumped over a bus and lifted a fridge off two kids. Spinnerammas at practice. Hasn't shaved for a week!

Wonder if this is something like the time they said Moe Legget was dunking basketballs?

Hearing minus mid teens for the game that will no doubt prove challenging for the players. Canadian running backs were born for this. Unfortunately they don't kick field goals.

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Current Sunday early evening forecast perdition is -11c , 27k NW wind, feels like -21, light snow.

Just checked the forecast again and the high is -6 but the low is -21 and the high Monday is only -17. It starts warming up again Tue/Wed but that is of no help. Obviously cold weather is moving in on Sunday, the only question being how much will move in before the game is over? Also precipitation is a 64% probability. The good news is that it’s still too early to predict the weather with great accuracy. I don’t think the Bombers have held a home game in snow since IG Field opened in 2013 so the field could be unpredictable for both teams.

Guessing Johnny Augustine sits down if Harris dresses. Or Oliviera perhaps as seems unlikely they will dress three running backs.

Oliviera would be my pick to grind and fight for more yards on a cold snowy day.

WiPo will be no slouch for Sask and could be a tough matchup for Briggs or Gauthier that Maas will watch for. Powell looked good against Calgary imo.

I think you’re right about Augustine sitting. And it sure looks like Harris is playing. I would prefer Augustine in good conditions because I think he is a better runner. He is certainly the fastest of the three. But with the weather as you describe it I think Sask, or for that matter any team, will have a hard time stopping two bulldozers in the cold.

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