Harris proud of Argos' effort in win over Saskatchewan

REGINA β€” In a Sunday night thriller to close out Week 7 of CFL action, the Toronto Argonauts left Mosiac stadium with a 31-21 win over the Saskatchewan Roughriders in the Touchdown Atlantic rematch.

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You were solid Andrew. The Argos couldn't have done it without you. They TRIED to self destruct but you wouldn't let 'em :grin:


DIMWITTY'S play calling was just about the Argo's downfall this game. They were very lucky to get away with the "W". Yes the Riders had a significant amount of LUCK on their side, some was created by the Rider defense but some was inept playing or play calling by the Argos. Good thing Harris was up to the task. That 60+ FG try was not very smart and the return for a TD was just Riders making the best of that bad decision. Dolegala actually did pretty good by the end of the game to keep the Riders in it. Much better than expected.

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Lol.. they struggled against a team with 12 players either coming off covid protocol or still on it, a team playing their third string quarterback, with 3 of their starting front 7, only 1 starting reciever, defensive backs out...

I'd be embarrased. Toronto should've blown them out

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Probably shouldn't brag to much since it was essentially the Rider's practice roster they were playing against this game.

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