Harris: 'Our defence really changed the game'

EDMONTON — The Edmonton Elks were at the Montreal Alouettes’ four-yard line, clinging to a one-point lead and had the momentum of a highlight-reel worthy reception behind them.

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Yes it was a wee bit of excitment because Edmonton nearly lost their chance to get a record as dubious as it is, but the Als help get them that distinction. I am referring to the title of the only football team to have failed to get a victory on home turf consecutively for the most number of games. Apparently they were tied with 3 other teams prior to this game. Ottawa Roughriders & 2 NFL teams. But now they are the sole team with that title. Sorry ELK Fans but you wanted Chris Jones as your GM/HC/DC

Like Ottawa, Edmonton can be capable of moving the ball down the field, and not seeing much out of it.