Harris or the Offence?

Is it Harris or his offence? The Stamps are making the Redblacks their...... Am I being unfair to Harris?


Harris bad tonight, offense not as good. Total bad effort.

Another bad CFL game.
All but 2 have been unwatchable this year, IMO.
I record them, watch them, am bored by them.
Something needs to be done about these short practice days. It’s ruining the quality on the field. At least, I hope that’s the problem.

Nope your not .

They are all bad but his throws have always been inconsistent when pressured .

I have yet to see Harris play a good team and show up .

He is very likeable and works hard but his throwing ability always looks like he would rather he was playing flag or touch .

That throw near the end of the first half where he was picked off was a poor play selection by the o coordinator with a rainbow toss from Harris when it needs to be on a rope . It was a very telling moment on what's wrong with them .

Maybe it's not the sport for you.

Ok. Thanks for that. I thought maybe I was being too hard on him. He seems like a decent guy and he seems sincere and all that, but something is just not clicking here. Two years since he took over from Burris and I have yet to note the kind of running and passing game that I would have expected from a man who the sports pundits tout as a great QB. Perhaps he is a great QB who cannot gel with this particular team. I really want Harris to do well. I can see the frustration in his face. But good intentions don't win games.

In fairness, he did not seem to be getting a lot of protection and his receivers were dropping balls and missing passes. Overall, there does not seem to be much dynamic to the o-line. It's like they are all reading a different playbook. Last week, I commented that their win against the basement team Alouettes was a struggle when it should have been a cake walk while most others were celebrating the victory. Tonight's game was the sum of my fears from last week.

I think that Campbell needs to give his other QBs more playing time and get them honed up. Notwithstanding Danny Collins' intercepted pass, I think that young lad has a lot of potential. He seemed confident out there and seems to have other plays in mind besides handing off to Powell: an overused play which every team in the CFL now has listed in their defensive playbook when going up against the Redblacks. It is almost as if the Stamps were reading Harris' mind tonight.

Ottawa's passing game has just not been up to scratch. I miss the spectacular plays of 2016 with Burris, Sinopoli and Ellingson. You just don't see this anymore. It has gotten down to mostly a running game and tonight, they might as well have been trying to run the ball through a ceder hedge.

Win or lose, I will remain a loyal fan and will stay loyal to the bitter end. But I sure hope they can fix this problem because it is damnably frustrating watching them lose like that. And worst of all, I have to suffer the indignities of the cheers and jeers from those *&^%$ Stamps fans (because I live in "enemy" territory of a sorts).

...so you didn’t cheer and jeer at the end of the 2016 Grey Cup?

Actually, I cheered but I did not jeer.

You see, I was then, and still am, ultimately grateful to western Canadian teams like the Stamps because they kept the CFL alive during some of the darker years when it looked like the league would not survive. Eastern teams seem to wax and wane but the western fans never say die, no matter what. I have a rivalry with a lot of Stamps fans out my way and I hate losing the argument. So nothing personal there bud. Just some friendly rivalry with a bit of unfriendly language.

...I could do with less jeering too, there’s no need for it...just good rivalry, cheers Robert...

...in answer to your original question, I think your OC had a game plan the stamps D smelled out fairly quickly and Harris was given no time to make adjustments, and he got a little tight, his receivers dropped things they shouldn’t have, his O line wasn’t solid, so a combo of both himself and the O as a whole against a defence that was relentless for 30 minutes...

Harris worked on his delivery in the off season . He was emulating Drew Bree's set up on throws in an earlier segment on TSN .

When I see him it looks like he does not move quickly enough nor see the surge
with enough awareness .

That is of course on the O line but a few adjustments and a more of a rolling out to throw would push back the pressure and get those quick short throws and yak yards needed to offset the rush .

The offensive coordinator does not adjust well to take what the D gives him and make sure they execute a plan of attack designed on ball possession whenever the
O is overwhelmed by consistent stunts .

The game plan they used for Burris and Harris is so different . They must feel Harris does not have the arm or athletic prowess but if they don't adjust they will have a long year . They are using him like Ricky Ray but Ricky's timing and drop in passes far exceeds Harris's ability to throw when he's going to get clipped .

Ricky is one of a kind and his drop in passes have to be coordinated with receivers with throwing to an opening that exists and can't be forced in there . Harris was throwing behind the receiver a few times tonight even though they still should have been caught they were set up for the ball to be thrown in front . The touch passes were just off the mark and the longer one's were not set up for his rainbow lofts .

Don't think it's been quite that bad... All of Hamilton's games have been good, Winnipeg I think as well. There definitely have been a few clunkers though... See Cgy vs Tor as well.

Robert my friend I wanted to see the highlights for Ottawa, TSN showed a feild goal whats up with that?

Robert you sir a great fan. All teams have these bad games and thats hope this was a bad game for the Red/Blacks. I would hate to be Montreal to be playing Calgary at home next week they are on fire!

Truth be told, Red and White, I felt bad for the Stamps last year. I was at that Grey Cup and while it was a damn fine event, with an rather exiting and wholly unexpected outcome, I could not help but feel sorry for the favoured team. I mean, here is a team who rode the top of the wave for two seasons; who dominated everyone, only to have the Holy Grail slip from their hands both times. And I thought to myself: "good lord man....what has this team gotta do to win the Grey Cup?" But I guess that is part of the excitement and allure of the CFL. Nothing is in the bank. Nothing is a slam-dunk (well, except last night....). It ain't over till the last 30 seconds.

At the end of the day, this is a small league and I want all of the teams to prosper. Without the Stamps, the Eskis, the Lions, Alouettes, there can be no Redblacks. The same goes for all of the teams.

At the risk of coming off sounding over-the-top maudlin, the CFL is a family. You can see this from the way the players on opposing team treat one another with respect (most of the time anyway) and the way the fans treat one another. I have had some great fun trading jibes with fans for the opposing team and shook hands with them at the end of the game. In the end, we all love our Canadian game.

OK. Enough drama. Time to put some pints in the fridge for tonight's round.

RA, if I could explain anything about last night's game, I'd be on a plane to Ottawa today to offer my services to the Redblacks. And I would do it for free.

It's a bit early in the season to make a solid observation, but it seems this year the defences have an edge. Some hot offensive teams are finding difficulty in the Red Zone, and if a team gets a lead or it's a dragged out battle we're not seeing the tit-for-tat scoring we've seen in the past.

Plenty of yards between the 20's but not so much after. Offensive lines are having problems when a defense decides to pressure and reduce the QB's time window. You can't blitz on every play or the OC will just change the play call to fast outs ... in fact it seems there is less blitzing, not more ... but some good calls from the DC can stall a drive or force a FG.

A lot of games this year also hinge on Field Position, there are fewer long drives from near your end zone it seems, and teams who can keep you deep while getting the ball near centre are doing best overall.

Teams seem to be a bit confused (maybe not the right word) as to when to run and when to pass (maybe makes sense if the defence has an edge); run defences are solid so you can't just run the ball all day long on 1st and expect to have a short 2nd down. But if you're lucky and the blitz is called and you are going upfield with the RB you can get a big gain.

Overall it seems more so than in years past that it's harder to overcome a 10~20 point deficit. Another indicator that maybe it's more about defences improving this year.

I understand some fans like scoring, scoring, scoring but I don't mind defensive struggles. Part of the game.