Harris on the Als win: 'This team has just kept believing'

WINNIPEG — It wasn’t easy by any means, but the Montreal Alouettes defeated the Winnipeg Blue Bombers on Thursday night, handing the defending Grey Cup Champions their first loss of the campaign.

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Awe the poor poor bombers luck finally ran out , be awesome if they went on a nice losing streak ,but on a positive note it’s probably best to get the loss out of the road and start a new one , better now than in playoffs even though I’d prefer a new champ this year other than riders or bombers

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Good, entertaining game to watch. Winnipeg really didn't show the dominance so many expect. The team 'that always finds a way to win' found a way to lose this time. Liegghio must feel ill today. I'm loving it because now BB have the same amount of losses as my Lions. They don't have a wrap on first place yet. If the Lions beat the Stamps this weekend we could have a race to the wire, & that's a good thing.

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The Winnipeg Blue Bombers let the Als stay close from start to finish in Week 10 at IG field. :blush: the result was a overtime win by the visitors. Mark Liegghio of the Bombers missed a game winning 31 yard field goal on the final play in regulation. :upside_down_face: The Als David Cote nailed a 42 yard field goal for the Als in overtime. :star_struck: The Bombers Mark Liiegghio was denied a 37 yard field goal to extend the overtime, which hit the Upright. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The man in photo gets my game ball. :sweat_smile: :rofl:


This Alouette would get my game ball.


Adam Bighill is one of the greats but he gets away with SPEARING on practically every 3rd and one. He comes over the top like a missile and he leads with the crown of his helmet. He always aims his helmet at the opposing QB's helmet. He is sooner or later going to injure someone or injure himself seriously.

A very entertaining game. The biggest play was Rutledge (W) lining up offside, allowing the Als another crack at a TD after they had been stopped on third down. I mean, come on, when the ball is on the 1 yard line, you have a solid line (goal line) the width of the field to help you out. It's not rocket science. The Als didn't win, Winnipeg lost. It's like "You don't win Silver, you lose Gold."

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Totally agree.

Not to take anything away from the Alouette's win but here is my theory
The Bombers lost because Liegghio missed 2 critical FGs. Something this year was rare.So it was Lady Luck who ran out on the Bombers and by coincident Katie was not on the TSN panel on Thursday night for that game. I'm suggesting to keep the Western final fare, that Katie go on another vacation for that contest. And let the contestants fight it out between themselves without LADY LUCK

I too noticed that and wondered why the officials don't flag him for that. Maybe becaus he is a big name football star?

Yup Lady Luck ran out on the Bombers like you described and the Bombers couldn't rely on her special spells to get another win like they usually do. I noticed Katie was not on the TSN panel on Thursday, COINCIDENT?

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Without taking anything away for Montreals effort, this was Liegghios loss. The bombers still played good enough to win with any other placekicker in the league. Bombers are still the team to beat. However, the fact that kicking was an issue last year and Liegghio is still on the team should remove O'Shea's name from consideration for Coach of the Year.

Truth is the Bombers could have and probably should have lost 3-4 games so far. After Sara Orelesky's big sideline spiel about how much better they are than everybody else is was kind of poetic justice for tsn after the way they had forsaken their beloved Stampeders to jump all over the Winnipeg bandwagon

Marc has shown improvement this year. Missed a few converts early but has been pretty consistent this year up till last game. He has earned a bit of a longer leash for his play to date.


The Bombers didn't lose because of Leggio. It was Rutledge, offside on a 3rd and goal, which the Bombers stopped, that led to an Als Td. That's where the Bombers lost.

All season and I would say the last few Seasons ..

LINING up off side at goal line . Not anywhere else just the goal line .

They showed his finger may have or was inch over the white paint .

Not really sure ...

TWO things

one if you know that you can't put your hand or pinkie over the white line why line up that way constantly ..... penalties galore .

two if encroachment is happening just in one spot on the field and not enforced as rigid on the rest of the field ......

is it more an enforceable technicality just on the goal line when the hand actually rests behind the line and not really giving the defence any advantage by having a pinkie finger etc ... that crosses .

For the last few years I have seen many good goal line stops be thrown into the trash over a small technical feature whether this is terrible coaching or terrible enforcement .

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I would replace Liegghio immediately - yes he's improved but everytime he comes on there is doubt.

And who in the league, let alone an available kicker, would give us no doubt?
He's actually had a very impressive year before that final few minutes.

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There is no way that Leggs will be canned after one woeful performance. The Bombers don’t operate that way. They stuck with Winston Rose after his poor start. Walters and O’Shea though are probably looking at giving Mourtada another shot if this continues. I think it is more likely that Geoff Gray is on a short leash at this point. The Patriots can’t cut Desjarlais fast enough.