Harris not Wpg MOP?

Harris NOT an Wpg MOP?

This is totally absurd!
He is, by far, one of the most important if not THE MOST important piece on the team. That he has not been nominated is ridiculous!!
I get that the team may have wanted to distance themselves from the “substance “ situation but with all do respect… let others make that decision when voting for West awards goes down.
The Bluebombers have let this HOF’r down!!!

The MOP is bad, but not even naming AH33 as the top Canadian? :o

This isn’t the Bombers…but some of the media guys.

O’Shea voted for him & so did Bob Irving. 3 other reporters in WPG got together & decided to blackball Harris…who knows how long ago they agreed to this.

Complete joke. Everyone on that club knows how important Harris is to the team. Awards or no awards, that doesn’t change

I agree. Andrew Harris is easily the Bombers’ MOP. The Winnipeg reporters should have let other electors vote him down.


Exactly…Awards mean nothing. So many are not recognized that it is a joke. I think Demski played a significant and unselfish role for this team . He is not even mentioned.

My two cents,
Didn’t AH make a big deal about “sending? a sample away to find out how tainted it was?
No word yet on that, hmmm…
If a product caused a fail test, why does he choose/refuse to name the product? Hmmm…
Until he provides the info he certainly told us he was getting, months ago, well, he got caught.
Like so many other instances, I’d suggest if he’d man’d up, the three reporters may have voted differently.
As well, WBBFC hasn’t been friendly to the local press.
The entire doping issue was fed to some bright guys as you don’t understand, your not in the locker room.
Putting coach interviews up on their site before the news media get them, TAit running a tight closely held program, sometimes people just get even.

Hopefully this latest bit of silliness further motivates the Blue Bombers team.


We waited and Wondered how much his PED positive test would affect voters for Harris.
Now we know.
Bur as mentioned above. Still have a very good balanced team.
So now its behind Harris& the team. They can focus on the task at hand in winning A GC

…The league has no policy and the local media sat in their ivory tower and voted Andrew out…He was suspended 2 games for quite obviously was, a mistake in not watching what was in his supplements…The biggest thing for me, I watched his performance after he returned and nothing changed…He was still on his powerful game ripping up yardage…AND you can bet he was being tested voraciously as he was before is suspension…More than any other player from what has been stated…I think the media types who voted for Harris to not to be considered for any awards is a disgrace…but that’s on them…Lawrence in Ham. has a nomination after a 2 game suspension for trying to take a qb. out…I think the league looks bush for allowing it and a policy on suspended players better be forthcoming

Papa, with complete respect, I offer my two cents worth:

He tested negative, once urine then blood and urine, on March 1 and July 2.

He tested positive, both A and B, urine only, on July 12, announced on August 26.

He claimed that the dates corroborated his claim that why would he be clean on July 2 then show trace on July 12.

No one from the CFL ever used “trace” in any announcements, to my knowledge.

He was suspended for two games which were followed with a “bi” week.

Despite the fact he was on Campus @ U of M, he told us he was sending the suspected product away for further testing. On September 17th he told us he had done that.

Prior to suspension, he had carried 141 times over ten games and had averaged 6.44 yards per carry.
After he returned from an enforced almost four week mid season break, he carried 84 times over six games and averaged 5.62 yards per carry.

He apparently didn’t get back the test results yet, or for some reason he chooses not to provide them.
My sources on U of M campus tell me they can confirm the prescence of anabolic in 15 minutes.

He states publicly that this is a tragedy, its just wrong, its all the result of a tainted supplement. He refuses to name the supplement to perhaps prevent others from the ruinous trap he was caught in.

I like the guy. I am p’o’d that he left Grant Park to play at Oak Park but at least it wasn’t St. Paul’s.

The story has a lot of holes. No results back, no name of product, production down 13% after a mid season four week rest, and pretty admirable production from a body that gets battered every game.

I personally don’t know Andrew, by all accounts he’s a stand up guy. I wish he’d release the results, name the supplement and perhaps put a different spin on his failed tests. Besides, the reality is, he was performing with performance enhancers in his system.

Hopefully he doesn’t test positive again.

…Harris will not divulge the name of the product he used, mostly because he cannot prove that was the source and he would likely be sued…He obviously tested positive…what the supplement was is anyone’s guess so that’s where it ends…I believe he was treated unfairly as far as him being nominated for awards…especially when you see a player who was also suspended for trying to disable an opponents quarterback (Collaros) and yet seeing his nomination stand… The two offences are different… but you weigh it out … I believe if a player can stand for an award after he was suspended for deliberately injuring another player…welllllll…I know it was local media types that set themselves up as judge and jury and scuttled Andrew’s bid for a prestigious award…they have to wear that…The CFL does not have a policy regarding suspensions and award nominations… that’s where it goes wrong…Harris was on the ballot…his nomination should stand

…As far as Andrews performance before and after his suspension…c’mon…his average per carry…6.44 vs. 5.62…negligible …his play generally all year has been the calibre of the talented professional he is …won the rushing title and is now the all time rusher in the CFL…I’ll go with that

Here’s hoping that Andrew Harris leaves the naysayers with egg on their faces by notching a double triple in the semi against the Stampeders - and then gives the inside scoop on how he put up those numbers to the competition.


…Andrew Harris selected as part of the West’s All Star Team…He’s an All Star but was denied the nod for the CFL’s MVP or MOP …I hope those media types who dumped on Andrew enjoy the egg on their face and the crow they’re going to eat…They look really 'cheap and are now being vilified by the majority of fans in Wpg…Enjoy

Pops, I respect your opinion on AH, but some things don’t add up.
In order to misdirect the Press wrath he assured us he had sent the bad stuff away for testing (Sept 27, he confirmed). No word since. Why would that be?
He was tested on July 2 and then the Dope Police came back to him on July 12. Doesn’t that seem odd, sort of like they were suspicious.
A 15% drop off in average yards could be anything, schemes, teams, weather, or…something else.
Other players around the CFL didn’t seem to support him, in fact a couple tore into him.
I’m told, by O’Shea for one, that the CFL, WBBFC and Players Association provide all kinds of advice and direction on supplements. Hell, The Club hands them out, yet AH went to a store and bought and used something he wasn’t familiar with…when the Club seems to have all good stuff on shelf.
I agree he should be judged, and awarded, for his on field performance, but, the key word that keeps popping up is “performance”. His performance is superior, he tested positive for a performance enhancing drug, CFL forbids PED’s, how can he win a performance award?
Now, hopefully, he doesn’t test up again.
Maybe if he’d stayed at Grant Park…oh never mind.