Harris not a happy camper???

.....Talk on the coast is that Andrew Harris is not the happiest back in the league right now....Don't know if there's anything earth shattering going on there BUT since Logans rehiring by the leos, Harris seems to be a little miffed....I will always remember his comment at the Grey Cup game, when we lost to the leos a few years back...He said in an interview on tsn, he always wanted to be a Blue Bomber....It didn't work out that way for the local kid BUT IF things don't settle down for him in Van., would the Bombers be interested in acquiring him....Buono would probably want the farm, but I'd do some inquiring if Harris wants out of B.C.?? :roll:

Maybe we just have to wait a year:

On December 29, 2011, Harris and the Lions agreed to a two-year contract extension, with an option for year three.
And I think this is encouraging:
Harris has a daughter and continues to make Winnipeg his home during the offseason.
[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrew_Harris_(Canadian_football]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrew_Har ... n_football[/url])

He sure would look good in Blue and Gold.

Leos have had Oline issues this year, their run blocking hasn't been great, nor has their pass blocking. They've had some injury issues as well. But they haven't bothered to get the ball into Harris' hands like they had before. I can't imagine anyone would be happy when you're not being involved in the offense and then are unceremoniously replace by a guy who comes in and gets 1-2 practices in on the week after signing.

Contract status not withstanding, if Buono doesn't want him anymore he'll get rid of him. And we might get a fair trade offer without Mack around, won't hold my breath on it though.

…Well our o line hasn’t been great either BUT I think we are well on our way to fixing that…I’d luv to see Andrew back in the Peg…He’s a natural fit…I think he should just tell Wally…like Labatte told us…‘It’s time I went home’ :wink:

Buono is very upset (even getting bleeped in interviews) at what has happened this year and is making it known he'll make changes if things don't turn around. While Harris's future with the Lions may seem murky at the moment, a much more likely scenario would see the head coach sent packing if the Lions don't win at least one game in the playoffs. In this move is indeed made, look for OC Chapdelaine to finally get an opportunity to run the show and Harris to remain a Lion for at least another year.

He’s basically come out and blamed the coaching staff even with the injuries to Lulay and the youth movement on his offense! Let’s just hope for BC fans he does not pull a “Miller”…

…MAYBE a year :roll: …Harris had missed the flight to Regina in the Lions last outing …Coincidentally when Logan was brought in…Wally is furious about Harris’ demeanour of late and called his running game …in Wallys words…horsepoop…(not really the word Buono used but it does start with horse)…I think Andrew may be showing his feelings with regard to his status with the leos…I know some of this is due to a young man being…well a young man…IF he isn’t happy there, I’m sure we would be more than happy to accommodate him in the Peg and get him back on track :wink:

He hasn’t had any pop in his step this season but the whole offense has been struggling especially the offensive line.

I can be certain but I would take a look at the lack of a quality back up QB for the Lions this season. They went into the season with a russian Roulette attitude with the back up. Putting all their apples with DeMarco has caught up with them. Lulay has missed most of the second part of the season they refuse to even give Elliot a look who could be a better game manager and their late addition answer for depth was Buck Pierce.
That seems like a GM issue to me.
The Riders are a team that BC needed to go through here late in the season jockey for playoff positions and the Riders defense has gotten after Demarco. Sure we could say the oline is not playing well but...