Harrell to Sask

I like this move!!!

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Texas Tech’s Harrell headed to CFL

Associated Press
REGINA, Saskatchewan - Graham Harrell is headed to the Canadian Football League.

Associated Press
The record-setting Texas Tech quarterback signed with the Saskatchewan Roughriders on Thursday.

Harrell is the NCAA Division I career leader in touchdown passes but wasn’t drafted by the NFL. His workout with the Cleveland Browns did not result in a contract.

Harrell had to fight the perception that his numbers were the product of Texas Tech’s offensive system and he didn’t have the arm strength to succeed in the NFL.

The Roughriders are already two games into their season and have three quarterbacks on their roster. Their starter is former North Carolina quarterback Darian Durant, who had only four career CFL starts coming into the season.

Actually, there's already four. Word around town is that they plan on keeping all five guys around. Miller is loading up the bullpen.

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The signing of Harrell means the Riders have five quarterbacks under contract — starter Darian Durant, Steven Jyles, Dalton Bell, Cole Bergquist and Harrell. The Riders are expected to keep all five.

I like this move also, but I can't figure out why Graham Harrell didn't get drafted by someone in the NFL. He's 6' 2", which isn't tall and isn't as short as Doug Flutie is, so I don't think that could be the reason. At Texas Tech, they passed the ball on most every down, so their rushing attack wasn't much to admire or be impressed with. Harrell did have Michael Crabtree as his primary receiver, who was the first wide receiver drafted in the NFL this year, taken either at #8 or #9 by the San Francisco 49ers. He should do well in the CFL if he's given an opportunity to play and learn the game. He's not considered a great runner, but he can scramble out of trouble, which is all you really need.
His not being drafted by the NFL, brings to mind a guy who went to the CFL in 1978 after not being drafted by the NFL, and he turned out pretty well. I think he won five Grey Cups in a row, and if Graham Harrell is a third as good as Warren Moon, most people in the CFL will be quite pleased. My only concern is if the Riders is his best opportunity to eventually play, and if it is not, I would hope he gets traded to a team in the CFL where he gets that opportunity.
His resume shows taking his team to a record of 11-1 for the season, beating Texas and losing to Oklahoma quite handily, so he is capable of playing well. Let's just wait and see what happens.

Crabtree was the second WR taken (Oakland picked somebody out of the blue), but regardless, the rest of your post was on my mind all last night about why he has been totally ignored by the NFL.

You're probably right about the Oakland Raiders taking someone who probably doesn't warrant being selected when they were on the clock to make their selection. I don't remember who that was, but you know Al Davis, he's in his own little world and definitely walks to the beat of a different drummer. He still thinks it's the late 1970's or early 1980's, when the Raiders were great, but too many poor coaching selections and bad drafts have made them a shell of what they once were, consequently they pick at #4 or #5 as they did this year. The best thing Al Davis could do is turn over the operations of the Oakland Raiders to someone who is a real football guy and is NOT Al Davis.

Sorry about my error, I looked it up and the Oakland Raiders picking at #7 took Darius Heyward-Bey from the University of Maryland, and the San Francisco 49ers picking at #10 took Michael Crabtree, who was projected as the #1 wide receiver available in this years NFL draft. You were right Artie and my apologies to you for not knowing that.

This happens ALL the time down here.

Top rated and highly decorated QBs in College are often not drafted at all be the NFL or they are drafted and they go bust.

David Carr
Danny Wuerfful
Pat White
Matt Leinhart
Vince Young
Troy Smith
Alex Smith

Many openly consider Florida's current QB, Tim Tebow, to be the greatest college football player of all time....and its also widely speculated that he'll never play QB in the NFL....

Though, I think someone should have taken Harrell...I think he has what it takes.

Harrell's arm is a little too weak for the NFL brain trust. That and he ran a spread offense in Texas which is also frowned upon by the NFL brain trust. Good luck to him but I smell another Cliff Kingsbury.

NFL is all politics so go figure

The NFL has its formulas for players and they stick by them come hell or high water. Look at Jeff Garcia, played well in the CFL and NFL, but was overlooked by the NFL. What does arm strength mean? There are a lot more intangibles at QB. Anyway, will be fun to see if Harrell develops is Sask. I'm surprised he didn't try to hook on to the UFL, but speaks volumes he chose the CFL.

He might still go to the UFL, if he doesn't enjoy the CFL and/or if the UFL proves it can sustain itself.

Isn't it a little early to call Pat White a bust? He just got drafted a couple of months ago.

As for Tebow, I hope he ends up in the CFL. He is one hell of an athlete and competitor and a first class human being to boot.

I can't speak about Tebow's skills as a QB because I don't follow Florida that closely, but I'd say he's a pretty damn good leader. His little speech took that team to a whole new level. And that's the sort of guy you want in the lockerroom.