Harper appointing Braley to the Canadian Senate on Friday?


[i]"Long-time provincial politician Bob Runciman may be tapped for one of the two Senate vacancies in Ontario. Runciman has long been interested in the Senate. He has been the member for the eastern Ontario riding of Leeds-Grenville in the provincial legislature since 1981 and has served in a number of provincial cabinet posts during his career.

The second Ontario job could go to David Braley, owner of the B.C. Lions football club, former owner of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and big-time charity donor."[/i]

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[url=http://www.cbc.ca/canada/story/2010/01/28/harper-senators027.html]http://www.cbc.ca/canada/story/2010/01/ ... rs027.html[/url]

I think David Braley is in the middle of a hostile take-over of Canada... :lol: :lol: ....shhhhhhh, call the Queen and tell her to change her company (Canada) pass code and business number (0000230098) at Citibank and change the door locks at the head office ...1746 Massachusetts Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20036

..quickly! :wink: :wink:

(charter one of Ron Joyce's float planes and land right in the Potomac River if you have to...I've heard it's possible) .....we've only got hours...lol :lol:

First the Senate serves no purpose and should be abolished.
Having said that, I can think of no one better as Braley is 100% Canadian.

Harper needs to stack the Senate with friends and Conservatives to ram legislation through to compensate for the minority government.......

whatever happened to his promise to never appoint Senators? :roll: :lol:

to be fair the Senate was Preston Mannings madate? if only harrper could unite the block back with the conservatives and eradicate the ndp :stuck_out_tongue: i liked BUSH W :cowboy:

More like if he could jump off a cliff and take the rest of the Alberta Angry White Guy Party with him... :stuck_out_tongue:

Braley in the Senate?
Look on the bright side.
That means he will have no work to do so will be able to devote all his time to his CFL interests. :slight_smile:

Just another illustration of why I think Braley is bad for Hamilton on the Pan Am committee and why I think its he's a huge problem for the CFL. I really don't understand the gushing about him. He's bad news. The Argos situation is bad news. IMO he may be the reason investors cannot be found. Big fans with money don't have to pony up the dough because they know Braley will bail out the Argos. IMO the CFL should take over the team collectively or let the entire league die with the failure of the Argos. A league without integrity isn't worth watching and i believe thats what the Braley Argos situation brings

Braley isn't on the list


Ontario Tory MPP Bob Runciman heads a list of five new senators named by Prime Minister Stephen Harper today.

Also are Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu from Quebec, Vim Kochhar from Ontario, Elizabeth Marshall from Newfoundland and Labrador, and Rose-May Poirier from New Brunswick.

akt wrote: "........IMO the CFL should take over the team collectively or let the entire league die with the failure of the Argos."

akt: Have you taken leave of your senses???????
Or are you just trying to stir things up unnecessarily.

thats my belief. I won't trust one decision to be unbiased if Braley owns more than one team. The CFL needs to take responsibility for the Argos and find a buyer. PERIOD. Braley isn't a viable option

Trades as they are now are biased anyways, everyone in the league knows everyone else and there are "do me this favour now" ie. like take a player who wants to move back out west say to be near his family, and if you do this we'll return the favour.

Braley having a stake in two teams really isn't much different than that, there will be some favours but each team has other parts to it's administration and the fans that things can't be so stupid looking for a trade that it is just that stupid. And this happens anyways in every league where people shake their heads at some trades and say WTF? Again, a favour here, a return favour there. Take this player off our backs now ie. Heatley and we'll talk down the road about something. It's all biased anyways.

Doesn't the league have to approve all trades?

AKT: Yeah...but let the CFL die because the blue team can't find an owner other than David Braley?????
Don't you think that's a tad disproportionate?

I kneeeeeeeeeeeeeew there was something that I didn't like about him!

EXACTLY. What a bum

At least we will have senators that will show up for work,instead of the old liberals that never show up. This is the only way to reform the senate. If the liberal senators did not play hard ball, then there would be no use for this. And I can't understand how anyone would want to throw the libs into power right now,with the way the economy is, the party is broke and how many contenders have still not paid of it''s debts and you want these idiots to run the country and how many extensions will they be given to pay off these debts, if it were the cons, they would be in big trouble.

To be fair...it was the Liberals who stacked the Senate with bagmen and cronies. So how would any other party get legislation passed? They won't agree to abolish themselves so we can have an elected Senate so what else can a governing party do but even up the Senate seats to give themselves a fighting chance to get their bills passed.
Football content: David Braley did not get a Senate seat. :cowboy:

I would think the Braley for the Senate was meant as a joke. But the CFL does/did have some connection as Howard Sokolowski's wife is a Senator.

Double Blue:
I was not aware of the Sokolowski Senate connection. Thanks.
We could use a few more Senators with CFL connections.

Because as long as the Liberals control the Senate they would never be able to vote for legislation allowing the election of Senators. Once the Conservatives get enough Senators they can have a vote in the Senate and the people can vote on Senators.
I'm proud of what Harper has done and its been a long time since we had a decent Prime Minister who is respected around the world!!!!