Harmony Or Just A Harmful Situation ??

Given the Lions current predicament of ONLY being able to beat the likes of Saskatchewan (and quite possibly it could stay that way for awhile other than a fortunate win...oh wait, that's already happened with the Lions first win this season before overtime), you'd have to be a big-time optimist to think that the Lions are going to pull a "2011 0-5 start" to turn this thing around and make it to the Grey Cup. Why you ask? It comes down to the fact that the 2011 had HARMONY and numerous LEADERS to get players and coaches thinking like a TEAM. The 2015 version?? Well...

I have heard credible rumourings from those around the team that locker room is anything but harmonious right now. Yes, there is some reports of in-fighting and finger-pointing. One could definitely see this happening if you view examples such as the case of Josh Johnson, a.k.a. Mr. Penalty. He continues to be allowed to play, do dumb things on the field and put the team in precarious positions. When no discipline is given to him by team coaches and/or management, the impression becomes that his behaviour is CONDONED. No other way of viewing it. Add on strange decisions by offensive coordinators, Jeff Tedford gambling on 3rd down situations, defensive secondaries that refuse to pay much heed to receivers going deep...or if they do, they sure like to play a good game of "Chase 'Em" as opposing receivers gallop to the end zone.

I have also heard, and please go check out for yourself at the Lions' practice facility, that players are outright insulting (and not in a playful manner either) each other during practice rather than encouraging one another...which is the way that any team going the right direction would run a practice. How does Tedford and Buono allow this lack of respect to go on during practices??

And, of course, for the icing on the cake, you have the team's General Manager playing the "nothing's really wrong" card by suggesting that the Lions downward spiral in attendance is due to nice weather, the day of the week, etc. rather than taking any ownership whatsoever. You mind as well throw in a threat of a Zombie Apocalypse, fear of the new roof collapsing, lack of available roads for fans to get there, BC Ferries being too costly for Island fans to get there (oh wait, that one's true) and just an all out fan conspiracy to put a "hate on" for the BC Lions. Come on, Wally, couldn't you shoulder just SOME of the blame for a lack of off-season common sense and personnel decisions??

Anyhow, overall, it's just one BIG harmful situation the Lions are in. Like any deep wound and injury, it can only start to get better if you are able to treat it in the proper manner and figure out what caused it. Looking for some team harmony and positive chemistry would be a good to start "Ad-dressing" (ha ha ha) this bad wound.

Yet whitecaps arent selling out either dipping into the 19,000 and less mark despite a big game against seattle.

Also cfl teams making way more money with the tv contract than whitecaps with the same attendancs. Its a win win for BC.

Also knocking off edmonton was huge.