Hark, is that play-by-play I hear?

I thought the stadium announcing seemed odd when I was at the Eskimos/Stamps game on Labour Day, but after the Riders/Bombers game I’m convinced of it. The stadium announcers are giving play-by-play. Now maybe it has always been like this and I didn’t notice it until CBC starting using it. Is it just me that thinks this?

So if I’m not the only one noticing this, do you think it is the announcers themselves that are doing it because they know they are on TV., are the individual teams doing it or, to play devils advicate, is the CBC behind it?

I was present at last Banjo bowl and I heard the announcer, and I hear it at Taylor field as well so I assume they have been doing it for quite some time. I think its probably up to each stadium.

I was thinking the exact same thing - it definitely sounds as if the stadium announcers know they are miked for coast-to-coast broadcast and are "filling the role", so to speak.

I think they've done a good job of it too.

I did hear rumours after the first silent game, after which several people indicated they had a tough time hearing the staduim announcer through the TV, that the staduim announcers did meet with media-dudes from CBC regarding their TV coverage. I'm assuming that following that night, the announcers were fitted with mics, and do know that they are being broadcasted. Of course, that's just rumour - don't want to pretend I know facts where there are none. . .

I don't mind the job they've done, either. Winnipeg's announcer did a good job last night. Now, if we can work on the camera work - Roberts makes a gain of 16 yards in the first half, and the camera was stuck on Glenn the whole time. . .gotta love watching the QB follow the play down the field. . .

I’ve been to quite a few games in Winnipeg, and as far back as I can remember, the PA speaker at the stadium has always given detailed desciption of play like you heard last night.

I have wondered if the stadium announcers were doing their normal routine or if they were doing some 'extra' detail for the sake of the CBC.
Last night in Wpg, the announcer said at one point;

"there are flags on the play, we will sort that out when we come back".

I thought that was funny, since that is a definite TV oriented comment. The people there in the stands generally don't go away during a commercial break. (unless they have to take a leak !)

If I were a stadium announcer and I knew my voice would be heard on national TV, I would intentionally embellish everything that happens each play.

That would be so much fun!

I love it. Game play by play description without personal opinion. The roar of the crowd and the action on the field tells the rest.

good crowd at the Bomber/Sask. last night.....bad out come.....year is probably over for the BigBlue....but heh the announcer was great....

I thought the announcer did a hell foa job. And the rest of the league did you notice how there was Zero crap about telling the crowd to make noise and such. It appears Winnipeg and Regina are the only places that doesn't happen. Good work winnipeg. Well for the announcers that is.

The PA announcers probably now want to appear less biased because they are doing more of a play by play and less fan hype. I like it.