Hard to get to/from a game at Ivor Wynne?

Hey, I was looking to go to Ontario sometime in the fall to visit relatives. Unfortunately, I won't be there during the time the Cats are in Toronto (not sure exactly when I'll be there, just that it won't be early September). This got me looking into it a bit more closely, and I realized my "Toronto" relatives are actually in Brampton (Toronto is basically shorthand for that whole area here in NL). That's only (according to Google) something like 50 minutes from Hamilton! However, I'm pretty certain my relatives hate football, or are at least uninterested. Which will lead to me, one way or the other, trying to make my way to the field myself if this works out.

So, what's the situation like there for getting to/from the field by Taxi? Is it hard to get a Taxi after a game? If you've never been to Hamilton before, is there anything you'd need to know about the area the stadium is in? Are there any kind of buses that frequently make a trip from Brampton to Hamilton, or specifically to Ivor Wynne?

If I were to plan the trip so I landed in Hamilton the day before, is it pretty easy to get to the game from the airport, then back to a nearby hotel? And then is there a bus that runs from Hamilton to Brampton daily so I could travel out to my relatives?

Sorry to make this so confusing, but I've been a TiCats fan for years now, and only just realized when planning this trip to Ontario that I know basically nothing at all about Hamilton itself. I wish my relatives wouold just make this easier on me and live in Hamilton. :slight_smile:

There are a number of "ticatfans" in the Toronto area who come to most if not all the games and participate in the "tailgates". From Brampton it is an easy trip to the stadium.

One fan in particular and one of the SOB's ("Southern Ontario Boy's"...check out facebook) is from "the Rock", and is out there right now.

"PM" me and I'll be happy to give you "details". I look forward to seeing you at a "tailgate" at Ivor Wynne. :wink:


One fan in particular and one of the SOB's ("Southern Ontario Boy's"...check out facebook) is from "the Rock", and is out there right now.

Well I'll be. I thought I was the only Newfoundland CFL fan in the world.

I'll defintiely PM once I figure out the dates and how I'm getting there.

Can you bring some screech to the tailgate?

Only way there from Brampton is by car! Borrow or rent a car - take the 410 to the 403/QEW over the Skyway Bridge and get off at Burlington Street then to Gage avenue turn right on Barton street and park on one of the side streets or one of the parking lots just off of Barton Street. Easy to get out of there on the way home.

:D Sure.

....apparently there's GO bus service from Brampton to Toronto's Union Station where you can take another GO Bus to Hamilton. Once you arrive in Hamilton, you can either take a cab or local public transit to the stadium.

I agree that borrowing/renting a car is probably the only practical option from Brampton. And if you drive to the game, be aware that finding parking near the stadium can be a challenge, especially if you are unfamiliar with the area. Best bet for a non-local is to get there very early and cough up the $20 to park at the gameday parking at Scott Park, across the street from Ivor Wynne, to the south. That lot often sells out as game time gets close, and street parking gets exponentially more difficult close to kickoff. Great pre-game atmosphere at Scott Park as well. :smiley:

You could do this if you are desperate, but be aware that the GO buses are susceptible to traffic problems, so busing from Brampton into the heart of Toronto and then back out is far from ideal. I'm too lazy to check the GO schedules, but I'm guessing it would likely take at least 2 hours to get from Brampton to Hamilton this way.

Parking is easy just off of Barton street. Just one block west of Gage, there is a Subway on the corner, don't know the name of the street, I got there just before 6PM and "free parking" on the road. There are also about 3 parking lots that were charging around $10 to park. Too easy.
As for GO Bus how would he ever get home after the game?

There is GO Transit bus service from Bramalea (east side of Brampton) to McMaster University and then Downtown. The HSR (city bus) shuttle to Ivor Wynne is free on game day.

Assuming you have a ticket to the game, that is.

I've never had an HSR driver ask to see my ticket.