hard core ticat fans!! thats what its all about!

I live in oshawa for about two years which is only like 30-35 minutes east of Toronto but before these two years i lived in Hamilton all my life. I have been a ti cat fan for years. Im going on 30 years old and even though i live close to Toronto i will never be a argo fan no matter what.

People ask me "what is it about hamilton tiger cats that you like so much?" "there a losing team and there a bunch of losers!" Thats what i always hear around here in oshawa since most people in and around the city i live in like the argonauts. I tell them pretty much that ti cats are totally different. Our fans are great and the people that watch and listen to the games have passion for the team.

I have been to a few games this year and the weather was sometimes crappy but the fans stuck it out. We were losing and we still had a passion for this team. We clearly support them and we always will. We fill up the stands and cheer them on and we never give up game after game. I myself, wear the black and gold tall and proud in oshawa, wearing my ti cat hat and jersey and everything else. I get a lot of dirty looks in oshawa but i dont care. My passion and love for the team is so strong i could care less what others think here. That will never change no matter where i live.

I have seen teh good times and bad times of the tiger cat organization. I have noticed some people tell me when the bad times were going on that the organization would fold. I knew deep down that would not happen. It was scary for a little while before Bob Young took over this team. I didnt know what was going to happen but i knew something would turn around.

I have a lot of respect for Bob Young. Hes a great guy and he seems like he was the kind of guy that the organization needed. He brought in the fans!! Like i mean the fans were always there but he brought them back. Made us look at things differently. He knows what this team brings to hamilton and i have a lot of respect for that. I have seen changes in this organization since he has come to hamilton and i think we are stronger as an organization then we ever have been. Things look so promising for us and we should all be happy about it. yeah we didnt have the best of year but who cares. Things will get better. Lets go out there and support them again next year. Thats what its all about. Thats what makes me stay a fan in Hamilton..ITS PEOPLE LIKE YOU>.THE PEOPLE THAT COME ON HERE NIGHT AND DAY AND WRITE ABOUT THIS TEAM AND GO TO THE GAMES!! I LOVE IT!!



Nice to hear from you Allan.
I lived out west and met Ti-Cat fans all over Alberta ,BC and Sask.
One is my brother in Chilliwack who I just mailed a Ti-Cat poster ,the one of Ivor Wynn 2006 for his birthday this week,anyway glad to have a good Ti-Cat fan posting from Oshawa Allan!

well thank you beamreach! its nice to see there are other fans that live in Alberta and BC and Saskatchewan. I was kind of wondering?? where did you get the 2006 ti cat poster?? i was looking for one this year and checked out the roar stores and what not and couldnt find one.
where did you get it?? get back!

The 2006 Ivor Wynn poster was a gift to Traditions club members ,that is season ticket holders who signed up for 3-4 years.
Would be nice to see team pics on sale at the stores.

Fans are even more die hard when they live out of Province,I know I was.Some are even on Vancouver Island!!!

I found that Cats fans are like the Borg in Star Trek, The Nest Generation. They just kind of take over and multiply wherever they go. :wink:

An Argo fan

I met alot of Argo fans in Calgary BF,they were more like Hobits driven out of Ontario ....on their way to the Okanogan Valley to be Lions fans or food.

Great post Allan!!

My sister and I live in Calgary, and we wear our Ti-Cat merchandise with pride.

I just wish that the Ti-Cats game here more than just once a year.

Everyone should wear their tiger-cat gear with pride no matter how they play they are our team in good times and in bad. I also took alot of slack this year every time I wore my tiger-cat gear and I never let it bother me, I will always bleed Black & Gold.

Watching the great GreyCup vs. Sask. in what ?'89,The room had 14 Ticat fans,not only all from Hamtown but all born at St,Joes.This in a town on the Island with less than 1000 people in it.Rabid is not the word for it.

I am BYF of Borg. The blue team is irrelevant. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated. Well, maybe not, but it would be great if you would join us. :slight_smile:

And Allan, that was well-written. Being an out-of-town fan myself, I can relate to what you're saying about being one of the few Ticat fans in town. I enjoyed reading that. Thanks.

yeah its nice to see a lot of fans out here from out of province and out of the city. Thanks to everyone for the replies. I hope us hard core tiger cat fans see what we saw this year, a tiger cat fan base thats out of this world..unlike anything we have ever seen before. GO CATS GO!!!