Harbin will be in Video CC for west final

Replay official who made mistake in East Semi-Final back in the booth this weekend

"The replay official responsible for a critical error in playoff game last weekend will be back at his post on Sunday.
Jeff Harbin, whose failure to uphold a roughing the passer challenge by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats was later acknowledged by the CFL to be a mistake, will work the West Final between the Calgary Stampeders and the B.C. Lions. He will also serve as the video official – the so-called eye-in-the-sky –for the East Final earlier in the day."

"While Harbin will return to the command centre, the official who made the holding call, umpire Adam Paradowski, is not assigned to a game this weekend."

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[url=http://3downnation.com/2016/11/19/replay-official-made-mistake-east-semi-final-back-booth-weekend/]http://3downnation.com/2016/11/19/repla ... h-weekend/[/url]

Having the "freak" still working at the Command Centre...
Is the "trust me" I can not use the words I would like too.
Lets just say it is a big F/U from Glen Johnson as far as I am concerned...
To anyone that has a brain and follows the CFL...
Unreal...period :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

I'm assuming that the upper executive level of the CFL just does not care what the fan's think. They might pay attention when the stands are empty and the TV viewership dwindles.

I would love to be the fly on the wall...
When Kent goes to the meetings after the Grey Cup.
We all know he could never say anything to the public "us"...
But I would be willing to bet the Farm, that he rips someone's guts out..like Glen Johnson.
In private of course...
Go Kent Go. :thup: :thup: :thup:

If I was a colossal failure like Harbin, I would have resigned after my boss completely sand bagged my job performance. How this guy shows up to work with his head held high is head shaking. But for the Corrupt Football League, it makes total sense.

Prediction -BMO stadium 40% empty for the Grey Cup.

I guess not enough people signed the petition to end this crapola. But like Johnson I have complete faith in Harbin. He's sure to screw up some more calls before the season is over.

Harbins job is done.
He got even against Kent and the TiCats for the CFL Officials !
He made sure the TiCats did not get first place and did not win the East Semi .
He will get a raise next year even though under pressure GJ needed to admit the "error of judgement".
Don't believe it? Issue him a polygraph.

Make the CFL Great Again and the Corrupt Football League?? Please leave your political views at home. As for Harbin, perhaps the CFL could institute a 2 or 3 person panel to judge questionable plays.

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Yeah, I think we have moved from indignation to hysteria. A week has passed, so I'm guessing that what we heard from the league officials is all that we are going to hear. I like the idea of a panel to judge the plays under review, but maybe the whole video review thing is just a poor idea? If we go back to the referee having a chance to take a second look, then maybe that is enough review. The "eye in the sky" will give him a view he did not have when we last had that process.

Back in the old days, when I coached hockey I always told my players that, during the game, it doesn't matter what you think you saw or didn't see or thought you did or didn't do. If a referee calls a penalty, then it's a penalty. If he doesn't call it, it isn't. He will not change his mind, and arguing generally just cost another two minutes.

I think with football, it is the same. Someone has to have the final authority to call, or not call, the penalty. Maybe it is time to put that authority back onto the field, but give the referee, on the field, the option of a "second look". Works when referees question goals in the NHL, why not with uncertainty with calls in the CFL. We either we move away from reviewing some calls, or else we may end up reviewing all of them. And wouldn't that be a marathon of boredom?

Will never happen. League will practically give tickets away to fill stadium for TV.

Harbin must have a lot in common with the sudsy blackmail guy playing the sudsy piano on the Old Spice TV commercials. That is the only logical explanation for him not being replaced by now.

That, and the fact that the only other option is Jake Ireland...

Here's a thought - Harbin is in the booth today to make sure that EE doesn't benefit from any reviews that could help them win the game! :smiley: :wink:

The CFL should consider what MLB does for replay in the playoffs. Have another head official be in the booth. Add another head official to the roster and have them, along with their top 2 officials on their crew work the booth for each game, it rotates every week (game) and then we have real officials in the booth. Not the same guy passed out with a bottle of scotch and bag of Cheetos next to him while trying to stay awake.