Harassment on Team foums/ and on LCF

Hey guys, can some individuals (I not naming names) stop going on to the team forums just to harass the team's fan there? If you want to harass a team, do it on the main forum, where everyone can see. The Team's forum should be a place where fans of the same team can go and talk w/o others coming in to say "they suck", "your team blows", etc.

I have never done that to the Riders, Leos, and Esk, All teams that I dislike, and I never will.

I agree 100%.

Go Riders!!

Hear Hear Kanga!

Sneeking onto another teams forum is like crashing a party and not bringing beer, andf then insulting the host. Bad form all around.


Grow some nads and give us names! LOL

Well there is um…me, nothing better than going on the Rider’s forum and bashing the local club…but Kanga does have a point, can we exclude the Rider forum.??

Sorry, hank.....I've gotta vote 'no' on that one..... :smiley:

I really don't go on the Rider form much, jm02..may be one bash per week per, non rider members would keep the interest level at a peak on the Rider forum..LOL

I agree with kanga(for once) I never liked it but I never said anything about it.

Any form of harassment should not be tolerated neither here nor in the team forums. If you are victim of harassment, report it right away to CFLpm. Unless you are being harassed by two sexy nurses. Then report that directly to me.

Thank you.

The word used it not the proper one but his point is understood. There is no reason to go into a team forum just to stirr up arguments. If they want to do it they can do it on the main page.

I have no problem with other fans coming into the Rider forum to talk football, but just to make idiotic statements, I would like it if those were left off all boards. I know its just a dream but whatever.

Exactly, talk about the team on the team forum, talk trash on the main forum.
Mind you if we all ignored the posts in question and did not respond, I'm sure they would end quite quickly

Wrong, ro1313 - when Rider fans ignore posts such as that, we get slammed by the likes of saskargo.....chicken, yellow.....you name it.....These people who come into any team forum to do nothing but slam others will likely not stop, even if the posts are ignored. I know I wouldn't be holding my breath, because as I see it, they would likely just take it to another level to see how far they have to go to get a rise out of someone.

Ya your probably right

We wouldn't know. It seems like the further you are from the geographical center of the country, the less you get picked on. Fans from BC and Montreal, the two extremes, are quite left alone in these bltch-slappin' sessions.

.......psst, you should have heard what this guy from the BC forum said about the Als.......

C'mere, 3/10. . .I'm-a-gonna bitch-slap you around a bit, just to make you feel at home.....

Even I don't go on the riders forum.
That is there place where they can say how good their team is.However,they ever bring that to the main page.Look out.
I had a week of suffering of saying Go Riders Go.Payback is an SASKARGO.

Humm, I have on occassion gone onto "other"team forums. Thought they were there to talk abou that particular team?! There is nothing in the Guidelines saying team forums are only for supporters of that team!???

I guess I will have to think about this a bit. My first reaction is that its a bit silly.

I once went to the Stamps' team forum to know something about Stu Hart's dungeon, but they were all clueless... You'd think these Calgarians would know a bit about their homemade legends... they've got so few of them...