Happy with the Game Experience

…for the most part.

I’m not going to bother discussing what happened on the field. It’s been done to death, and there’s little left to say.

I found the actual gameday experience to be pretty good though. Enjoyed (while we had some momentum) the atmosphere.

I sat in the “Ever-Eventful”- Endzone…best place in the stadium.

The sound system felt good - even felt the announcer didn’t do a bad job. Music seem good - didn’t over power the crowd. Replays were, for the most part, timely.

Especially loved the slo-mo replay’s on the Bishop hit. I haven’t heard the crowd rage like that in awhile–the guys running the Tigervision really helped this…which is great! The Bulldogs could learn a thing or two from you guys.

The Event Staff, in my area, were mighty busy. I thought they did an admirable job. They were around when needed, but not irritating. Cops seemed to be pretty busy hauling people out of there.

Saw a few disturbances near where we were seated --largely due to some absurdly obnoxious Argos fans.

Big negative to some clown named Tory (first he said his name was Bill, his dad was a lawyer, and he had “100 guys here with him”…he was wearing his Ironworkers Union Local shirt and hat. He spent the entire 4th quarter trying to goad a buddy of mine into a fight. Even after a million replies of “no, I’m not fighting here and getting thrown in jail”, this continued…clearly disturbing those around us. Honestly wish types like this could be taken to task on the spot. I’m know a few of us were mighty close to hammering this guy, but didn’t want to stoop to such stupidity.

If I were an Ironworker, I’d be embarrased…and, if you know this guy…who’s five friends ‘outed’ him as Tory as they left the stadium, please shame him publicly. I know many Ironworkers - many from the Six Nations - none would ever conduct themselves like this.

Anyway…just wanted to make that public!! Again, aside from the on-field performance, I was happy to be counted among the fans…especialy in the Endzone.