Happy Trails Luke

Bombers released Luke Fritz, he was a great community guy, wish him all the best.

See flag, we don't rag on everyone.

I wonder if he's still got the good's.I thought the Cats might make a move for him when he became a FA a couple years back but Bombers beat us to it.Now that we need N/I depth again, perhaps a community involved veteran would hold for a year or two so we can draft in other areas or at least draft a guy to learn under the vets.

now try to hold your water when someone rages about how stupid are the Bombers for releasing someone who has some value…

But I’m glad an aging career backup is being congratulated and wished well after his release.

good luck Luke.

....YES good luck Luke...he never really got to show us much....but a quality guy...I wonder if we're making room for a new o lineman....say when the draft occurs :roll: ...Just a guess :

Good luck to Luke and whatever his future plans are. Even if he signs elsewhere, I hope he does well except against us, of course.