Happy to see Chang struggle?

Myself - not happy at all, but slightly comforted in one sense.

In the great Maas vs Chang debate, I've supported the coaching staff - I figure that, with what they know about football, and what they see every day in practice and on film, they are in a much better position than any of us to know who is capable of what. Today seems like a good indication that Chang is exactly what Taaffe has repeatedly said he is - a talented young QB with tons of potential but not enough poise to lead the offense week in and week out.
Had Chang lit it up today, I would have been thrilled like everyone else, but I might also have wondered, in the coming days, about the judgement of the coaching staff and where we might be if the decision to start Chang had been made a few games ago. Not something I need to ponder now.

I don't expect anyone to be happy with the result - yet another ugly offensive game and now, no "magic bullet" standing there with a clipboard waiting for the coach to notice him. Chang got the chance to show what he could do as a starter, and Maas was the better QB today, coming off the bench. Makes the starter decision for next week an interesting one.

We also have more evidence, for those that needed it, that there are factors contributing to this team's performance that go well beyond the QB position. Lots of promise, but a long way to go in several areas.

At least there's ONE issue that was settled once and for all this afternoon - Maas IS physically capable of throwing the ball more than twenty yards, despite the number of posters that were certain he could not. Small consolation, unfortunately.

Yah, I now - a purposely provocative Subject line. I don't start a lot of posts - just figured it would help get this one read. :wink:

Maas is NOT physically capable IMO. He had limited play and did OK. Give him a whole game and he breaks down every time. His arm/shoulder just can't take it.

As for Chang I was didappointed but not surprised. As a matter of fact I predicted an ugly first few games but called for the change anyway. What would piss me off would be to bench Chang now. I'd get Williams and Chang in and sit Maas down for the remainder of the season. We need to develop a QB and Maas isn't the guy. Either Williams or Chang have to prove that they can take the reigns next year or we start over yet again

it's always been the quick fix of the city of hamilton to hang the qb. i could elaborate but it's tiring and ignorant.

Today's game proved very little. Talk to me after Chang has started 5-10 games.

i wish to god we had a decent scheme for maas or chang to give a true indication of what??

I don't think any TiCat fan was happy to see Chang struggle today. Yet, there are supposed TiCat fans who take delight in Maas struggling. Both QB's play behind the same porous O-line and inept receivers and both have struggled this year. What baffles me is why the Maas-bashers seem to take things so personally and attack the TiCat organization and its fans on such a regular basis.

You may not be one of them, but I'm sure there are people who are happy to see Chang struggle just as there were those who were happy to see Maas struggle and all for the very same reason: to prove they were right and how much they know about the game.

This definately sheds some light on where the problems lie and hopefully we'll be able to do something about them and put together some wins.

I think it proves (finally) that the recipe for success is NOT removing the QB while keeping the supporting cast intact.

If Chang had lit it up, Taaffe would be roasted on here and since he didn't Chang will.

Name one fan that delights in Maas' failures. The team loses when he fails and who wants that? NOBODY.

one half of football does not make a QB.


The receipe for success is to be well coached and prepared come game day, then execute. The cats just don’t seem to be prepared to play game in game out. Once or twice they came and delivered but so far I think its a team break down.

BG I think the Maas apologists are the only ones that are happy when a Ticat QB fails. The Chang gang just want a future and Maas isn’t it. Why the Maas apologists want to lose I have no idea

I'd say you are incorrect. He wants a change not failure. Thats sonmething the Maas apologists just don't get

Maas may not be the future, but he's better than the other two QB's right now. The trick is managing two or three of them to prepare for the future. Maybe the future is Printers or another QB entirely. Chang has a great resume and potential, but so far he hasn't shown himself ready to lead the offence.

I beg to differ AC. I know for a fact that there are people who enjoy seeing Maas struggle.

Bunni, that much is obvious. That's why I said that he won't be able to get to be a great QB if he doesn't get playing time.

i think if he started 27 or so games,he could win 5.


Here inlies the problem. The so called "Maas apologists" are just TiCat fans wanting the best for the team. Because they support the starting QB, you and your crew attack them every day. Chang has yet to prove he's the future, so hitching your trailer to him may not be the prudent choice.


Well he's not learning much on the bench, it clearly shows that we have no q.b coach, we should hire Khari Jones as a q.b coach or someone to teach him. The only way he'll learn in this current environment is to play him and let him make mistakes.