Happy Ticat fans.

This topic is for those of us who are thrilled the Cats were able to knock off one of the best teams in the league, and who are optimistic they will only get better as the season progresses.

I was very impressed by our defensive secondary pass coverage. Just one example: the goal line stand at the end of the half would not have been possible if Burris had had an open man to throw to.

What encouraged you most about last night's game?

To have more fun with this, I've added a poll with a few things that I saw as encouraging. Don't hesitate to suggest others.

Josh Ranek had some holes opened up for him. Jason Mass had some guys that were deep and open to try and get the ball to. Mark Meyers put the ball through the up rights. Corey holmes was back and some great runs. Terry Vaughn had great receptions and got set a new record. brock ralph showed some promise.

The goal line stand was definately sweet but for me it was the team coming together for what I think may have been the first time this year.(perhaps last year also)

Until now I've been watching a lot of individuals persuing their personal goals but last night the guys all worked together, as a team, and did it for a full 60 minutes.
Lately if a sideline huddle was needed the coach had to search out all the guys and bring them together and most often ran out of time before any strategy or play could be discussed.

Last night every chance they had players grouped and worked on errors or discussed the next/last play and IMO it showed on the field.
The most discouraging (I know thats not the question) is you being on here searching for something good one day after a win we all wanted and needed.
There's a lot more happy fans in Ivor Wynne than the inhabitants of this board would lead one to believe.

My favourite part was seeing the defense "gut it out" during such a hot and humid evening....these guys and their coaches should be puffing their chests out right about now....

Good job Defense!....you guys won this game!

Take No Prisoners !! :twisted:

I voted other ,I was encouraged to see coach Lancaster smiling with Jason Maas,when Jason came off the field during an injury timeout.

I knew he was instilling the don't hold the wheel so tight ,relax,have fun ...

But to answer your question ,I was most encouraged ,albeit too early yet ,by the kicking of field goals from 45 yards out.

That was encouraging.

I also liked to see players stand up for each other ,when a shot was taken at our "ol Stamp killer",at least in the playoffs last year ,Jason,P.Cheron responded accordingly. :thup:

I voted for the win. After Fleming roundhouse-kicked the football while scrambling after fielding a bad snap (great punt BTW), Coach Erdman and Coach Lancaster BOTH ran over to him to give him a pat on the head. That's what players need.

There were many encouraging signs last night, but the bottom line is we won. A losing streak to start the year is a very dangerous thing. Coach Lancaster has the experience and ability to get us into the play-offs and then who knows what may happen.

"Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing." Vince Lombardi


I change my vote to winning.

OH,can't ,well I'll vote that next Friday after Thurs. Als game.

defence did awsome and stuck through a long game, great job players and kavis reed:) we r getting stronger in that area. tay cody and bradley did sensational

I was impressed by the attitude that prevailed over the entire team.
It's often said that the wins go to the teams that want them the most. I saw a new enthusiasm out there last night and I also got to shake hands with the Caretaker.

I saw any number of things, so my vote goes to "Other"...

I saw Corey Holmes put up his "potential" for our team, and do a "with your shield or on it" performance, which is/was EXACTLY what we needed from somebody...

I saw "chemistry" start between Maas and Vaughn, a la Danny Mac and Flutie...

I saw the offence bailing out the Defence by means of staying on the field and letting the D catch some breath...

I saw some "coaching" with the game preparation, of having water, electrolytes, cooler packs, etc, (in excess of the opposition's preparation attempts!)that may have been a drop of grease on the bearing this game turned upon...

There was plainly a confidence in the placekicker by the team, that is catching on with the fans.

We actually attempted to "stretch the opposition" with some bombs, which undoubtably set up some of the running gains by Holmes.

The "sad" side included the ineffectual running of Ranek. The dressing of Radlein, but not using him. The O-Line is "coming on", but we probably beed help there yet.

We ned to be in a "winning" position (preferably!) by the end of the third (or a "close" contest) where we can sub in Eakin, and let him get some game reps. Maas runs like a linebacker, and if he gets hurt (or "when" he does) we will want and need to have Eakin in "game shape" with some experience of gametime experience.

The offensivegame plan is advancing, but slowly...

Winning of course. But the ball control was great. Maas did a great job, this guys wants to win and really does hates losing. You can see it in his eyes. I think he is now my new favourite player.

I am looking forward to seeing our newly revived Tiger-Cats take on the Alouettes next week.

:thup: :)

Bob, the best aspect for me was watching Corey Holmes showing why he is arguably the most electrifying player in the league! I was encouraged to see him become a bigger part of the offense. I really hope that this is a trend and that we will see even more packages with Corey at RB and SB.

That being said, winning. I am a “bend but don’t break” booster for defence. We didn’t break much against arguably the most dangerous offense in the league. Kudos to Kavis Reed (I would have blitzed Burris more if it were me making the calls though)-- Goss and Cody were studs and we pulled one out of the fire.

Oski Wee Wee,

I voted other because frankly although there were improvements the most encouraging sign to me was the simple fact that the Cats did a much better job of taking advantage of the oppositions errors, particularily on special teams. This was the first game in quite some time that I thought the Cats had a clear advantage in the kicking game, both in coverage and returns. Additionally it was great to see confidence in the kickers both from the field and the stands.

The one thing that I'd like to see change and quickly is the play selection of the offence. we need to attack the middle of the field lest the outside game that was so effective this week gets shut down by a superior Montreal defense.

Win ugly, win great but just WIN!!! And use Kwame Cavil more as he is a great receiver,Maas to Vaughn and Cavil- I see the future in these two!!

ANd this is why I voted for the “offensive ball control”

It’s proabably been the most disappointing aspect of our game considering all the changes in personnel and the expectations they brought with their arrival.

I feel they’re burgeoning right now.

To quote Coach Lancaster, the team "needed to play for sixty minutes", and they did !

If they can play a full sixty minutes as Stade Percival Molson, they have a good chance to carve out a win.

Lets get a game plan for Montreal that avoids going up the gut with the running game, or we will surely lose!

Our O-Line is not "there" yet!

The shovel passes might work against Mtl, and lets see some "bombs" whoever is the QB, because the constant diet of "under" patterns plainly do NOT work...

Jason running one or three on his own is nice, but three times a game is about the limit...

Would be "neat" to see Yeast, Flick, and Cavil form up and go all over the field on first down, with Corey and Ranek/Davis lined up in the backfield...or isthis just to imaginative?

I voted for kicking.

We lost games because of it. Now it was nice to win one because of it.