Happy thoughts on the Labour Day Win!

With so much negativity this year I thought a feel-good topic might do us some good.

I only finished watching the game last night on the PVR. I went to bed on Monday just after the Cats scored the back-to-back TDs so I'm a little late to the forum.

Here is what I loved:

  • CJ Gable would not be denied. We could invent a new stat for him - yards after the tackle. He looked great.

  • Bomben is my hero - He's played hard all year and Monday was no exception.

  • Matthews at Right tackle looked as good as anyone in that position this year. For a guy who got the call that day I think he did well.

  • The D-Line was solid.

  • Special teams were like the special teams of old. Downfield, swarm tackling - beautiful.

  • Masoli's confidence and unflapability was impressive.

  • Beating the Argos!

Absolutely spot-on guelphcatsfan. Good post. A pox on the naysayers and their offspring!

I think we learned something very important on Monday. "The Curse" is independent from the "Football Gods", and they sometimes work at cross-purposes.

The Curse struck down a starting O-lineman with a mysterious illness the day of the game, and then proceeded to take out our Canadians one by one, starting from the opening kickoff.

The Football Gods struck back with terrifying force, demonstrating their power with torrential rains and might bolts of electricity, forcing fans and players alike to scatter. Having made their presence known, the gods allowed play to resume. But they ensured that every close call went Hamilton's way, and that an opponent's field goal went wide in the final minute. Even a determined effort by the Cats to shoot themselves in the foot with poor clock management at the end of each half did not take the gods off their course.

So now we know that the Curse and the gods are separate entities. Perhaps like Thor and Loki. If we appease Thor, he may be able to help us overcome Loki's mischief.

Winning has a way of making all bad things look a bit brighter.
Let's hope it continues for our Cats, as they go into Ottawa on Saturday.
If they pull off 2 in a row...
Things start to get very interesting in the East.

Further, some thoughts about June Jones:

  1. willing to take some risks. Masolli at Q/B; Aprile doing some punt returns; letting the kicker kick a risky 56 yard field goal, & succeed.
  2. letting C.J. Gable run more than just to protect.
  3. being less conservative than K.A.
    Maybe being 0-8 allows for this.

The Eagle 8) 8) 8)

And don't forget to add in the direct snap to our backup RB for a 15 yard punt

Great win...I thought using Masoli he was going to run allot...or the threat of running...Thought Zach should have went in for awhile to put a spin on the mix but a win is a win!

Funny how stats in a win look different than a loss.
Gable had 6 carries... His previous games he had 5,10,3,7,7.

Pat!! Outstanding, made my day! :slight_smile:

What impressed me was the play of 4 newbies on the team in this game. DB's Brooks and Odiase , the little undersized but brick shit house built and spark plug like Nikita Whitlock at DT as well as behemoth Ryker Matthews being a game time emergency replacement on the line at RT .

None of them looked out of place out there and all of them I thought played solid for us all game long.
The under sized Whitlock at only 5'10" and 250lbs one would think would be more suited for either DE or even maybe MLB but surprisingly I thought held his own going up against players that were on avg at least 65 to 75 lbs heavier than himself . Whitlock also had a huge hit on specials late in the game literally blowing up the returner with a dandy lick .

Brooks I thought looked solid for the most part out there considering it was only his 2nd game with the team and contributed 4 tackles and 1 on specials and had relatively tight coverage on his receiver all night .

Odiase I have to admit had me puzzled at first because I couldn't figure out who the player was wearing Brandon Stewart's old number nine jersey . Let's face it with all the new DB's that have been cycled through here in the last year and a half it's kinda hard to keep track of all the comings and goings back there . I liked what I saw of Odiase once I figured out who he was and his strip on specials that led to Faubert-Lussier's TD was a key play in the game for us .

Lastly Ryker Matthews drew a tough assignment not knowing he was even going to dress for this game let alone be starting until just before game time . I watched him pretty closely and he held his own out there for the better part of the night . The only time he really blew his assignment was on the sack and possible fumble by Masoli when he lost contain on the blitzing LB and was caught flat footed on that play allowing the free lane to the quarterback . Thankfully the CC gave us a break (for a change) though and deemed the play an incomplete pass (which frankly surprised me to be honest as I thought it was a clear fumble ) .

Anyways I realize that we've only seen a small sample size of these four players but I think that all four might just be keepers for this team..........fingers crossed . :slight_smile:

I could not agree with you more Bobo82. Those 4 guys really looked good like veterans. It was also nice to see how much Banks can offer as a full time receiver..he ran right past the db on his touchdown. Collins Jr is another new player we might see inserted in the lineup as receiver who looks great on film and played quite well is sask last year. We signed a few new players and one is another small reciever / punt returner named willie Quinn that we might see as a kick returner ...I still think tyms and saunders will shine once given more throws their way . We saw a good play by Tims but a holding penalty by Banks brought it back . I wonder who gets the next start at tackler holmes or Mathews. Lost in this are Unamba and lyn who both showed well at db in other weeks. With Kanneh in the mix , we seems to have found some good db's finally . I liked what I saw from Tracey in this game and i think I am finally sold on Capicciotti . He has a nose for the ball. able also made alot of effort onhis runs mores o than in the past.

What a difference one game or one win makes....

[edited for happiness ;D] ...my happy thoughts on the win were most with Masoli who kept his composure on the bad start and kept plugging away and it appeared to lift the whole team.

That's probably enough "happy thoughts" for this group - time to lock this thread down? :wink: