Happy thoughts for Niagara

The elder fan on this board. I know he resided in a Care home. With everything that has happened in those residences due to COVID. I hope he is well and safe.

I don't think he's posted since the forum switched over and that makes me sad.


Yup, hope he and everyone else is safe and healthy.

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Me too ... or is this three now(?) ... stay safe all


Moi de même. Et il me semble qu'il n'a rien écrit depuis que la nouvelle plate-forme a été mise en service.

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I am still an Alouette fan but I am very concerned about CFL's coming season. Despite the excitement of the final games of 2019, the future is of great concern. Unless the weather changes and the fan base turns the team around our CFL is in doubt.

Hi Boss! Nice to read you are doing well!

I agree, Niagara.

It was a pretty desparate move for the CFL to be asking the federal government for money. Not just the Als, but I think the future of football in this country is grim. I hope not, but it just may be

This is an opportunity for the CFL to cleanup its act. It will be up to the current owners to decide if they want to or not. Paying QB's 700k and firing American GM's and HC to the tune of one million dollars or more is terrible management. Hiding their books, hiding player salaries. Gouging people for Grey Cup tickets or Touchdown Atlantic tickets.

This is so 70's and 80's the only reason they are still in business is because the CFL is a beloved institution.

They have a whole year to sit down with players and fans and really make this a CFL 2.0


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Très heureux d'avoir de vos nouvelles, Monsieur le Doyen.

Les circonstances sont pénibles, mais je demeure confiant qu'une solution sera trouvée pour que la ligue demeure en vie. Si ça peut vous donner espoir, la vente de billets de saison des Alouettes a apparemment sérieusement progressé.

Je suis notre ami HfxTC sur la nécessité d'un certain changement de culture dans l'ouverture des pratiques en vigueur dans la ligue, notamment en ce qui concerne la transparence. Évidemment, tant qu'il n'y a pas de fort mouvement des supporteurs dans ce sens, les changements risquent de ne pas arriver. Ceci dit, un peu plus de transparence alimenterait les discussions autour de la ligue et ne pourrait en fin de compte qu'être profitable. Ça aiderait à prendre plus d'espace médiatique, en donnant plus de pâture à ceux qui relaient l'information au public.