Happy thoughts for next year.

I'm not gona lie, I was really really really bummed out after today's loss. Nevertheless we decided to head over to Jack Asstors after the game to shake hands with some of the boys. Some of the things I noticed really lifted my spirits and hopes for next year. They all sat together as one big group. I saw them all mingle with each others families. They even watched each others kids. No cliques sat apart. They were taking pictures together and doing toasts. There were no coaches there to impress. No staff. They really seemed to have gelled.

I managed to approach a few players individually to get some autographs. I spoke to Dave Stala, Arland Bruce, Markeith Knowlton and I asked them all "Are we going to see you back next year?" and they all answered with big confident grins "oh yeah!" They want to be here.

Big props to Mr. Cobb. Pure class and humility. I tapped him on the shoulder as he was shooting the s**t with one of the DBs and quietly asked for an autograph. He stopped everything and took the time to talk to me for a minute. When I asked him the same question his face lit up and he answered with a broad smile "Oh yeah! Definatly!" you could tell he was supper happy to be here and on this team.

This is the type of people and this is the attitude we need in Tigertown. I'm looking forward to next year...

Nice to read. Thanks for taking the time to pass it along.

Awesome Post. They all did the best they could and made a game of it. I hope this core group are back next year and grow upon the successes from this past season. It was a tough loss, but I am so proud of these guys it just doesn't matter.

Great post. Sounds really positive and exciting for next year. By the way which Jack Astor's is that? I can't remember all their locations.

It was the one at East Gate. Nice place. They had 1/2 price appitizers as well. I hope they resume having the players down there next year.

That's great to hear!

We have a great nucleus of players... let's sign 'em long term.

Yeah, nice post.

Love the attitude of unfinished business. Can't wait for next season.

I think the players like to play on this team and with Bellefeuille. They recognize that this is a team on the upswing and it will not be long before they seriously challenge for a Grey Cup. It's a good atmosphere that bodes well for the next couple of years, but the team will have to improve next year to keep this momentum going.