Happy the Eskimos are out Finally??

Is what you simply do not quite grasp is, regardles of making the play-offs 34 years in a row, winning more Cups than the Riders, the 'Smos still suck.
They will always suck, they have always sucked and they will continue to suck.

Oh I'd rather be a Rider than a bloody Eskimo....

Not that I need to come to Larry's defense but it seems to me that every post on here is by you haters. Then when somebody defends the Eskimos from innuendo, somehow you twist this to say that they are going on about it. If you want somebody to get over it, it is you.

Part of growing up is that it is just as important to be a gracious winner as it is to be a good loser. I guess you just haven't had enough practice.

How can that be, cflesksfan?? I mean really, most of the "haters" here are rider fans. If they haven't had enough experience in losing to be gracious winners by now, they never will be. Acting with an ounce of class is not something that is going to happen. Their kicker misses a 17 yard chip shot that could have potentially sent them to their once per generation Grey Cup, and they dump a truck load of manure on the mans lawn. Being gracious is not in their vocaulary. As for them "getting over" the Eskimos missing the playoffs once, we both know that isn't going to happen. They will be obsessed with it, at least as long as it takes for their team to be knocked out. They will be talking about it long after Eskimo fans have moved on and found something other to do with their lives, like cheer for the Oilers!!! All the while0, the haters will be accusing anybody that says anything back to them, of not being able to "get over it and move on". Irony at its best.

CFLfan, you think Larry is being a "gracious" loser?
I haven't said anything different to Larry than I say to Esk fans every year.

Win, lose, or draw,

I'd rather be a Rider than a bloody Eskimo....

The reason everybody, and I mean everybody, not just Riderfans are glad Edmonton is out, is because of fans like Larry who are arrogant, and abrasive.
I know plenty of Eskimo fans.
And they don't act like Larry, win, lose, or draw.

Actually Larry, the vast majority of Regina fans are great. I lived in Regina for one year and had seasons tickets in Taylor field. Although I am not fond of any fans who are more obsessed with hating a team that they are with cheering for their own, Regina fans are for the most part great fans. The one memory I have about Taylor field is that every game they had a draw for "a family dinner for one", it meant one family but I still found that phrase amusing.

I willl always lift my hat to Regina fans.

And CFLeskfan, I'll tip my hat to you!
Of course we "hate" the 'Smos!
That is part of the fun.
If you can't take a little razzing, or in your face, comments when your team loses, you aren't much of a fan.
And that is the point.
I cheer for the Riders REGARDLESS if they win every year. All the crap Larry wants to spew out is just silliness.
But rivalries in sport are as important as cheering for your team.
Without good rivalries, sports would be awfully dull.
And the Esks are the number one rival to the Riders.
Have been since the seventies.
So, yes I do take great pleasure seeing us in, and them out. just like I will take great pleasure in beating the Stamps in a few weeks.
That does not make me an "ungracious" winner.
But the stuff Larry says, constantly, just makes him ungracious!

Small correction the Toronto Argonauts have won 15 grey cups, regarldess of what sport htey were playing, or who was awarded the cup, the toronto argonauts have 15 grey cup vs the edmonton eskimo's 13 no matter how you slice it 15>13.

By the way this is exactly the kind of statistical manipulation I was referring to in my initial post. the "argonauts cups dont count because it wasnt with the cfl" arguments holds about as much water as the "the oilers have the most cups of hte canadian teams because habs and leafs cups dont countsince they won most of those before the oilers existed"

The fans in the chuck are very sore right now. You can't blame them for lashing out.. put yourself in their shoes.. First you say how the Oil will outdo the Flames and take that one extra game to bring the Cup home to Canada but ... whoops! Couldn't do it! Then, to add insult to injury, your best player decides he wants out because he didn't realize how terrible it is to actually live in Edmonton when he signed that big fat contract. But no worries! The MIGHTY Edmonton Eskimos will restore the pride of the City of Champions! Oh.. wait... the Eskies won't even make the playoffs? For the first time in your life? Well how about this then! Just start bragging about things that happened 30 years ago, like consecutive grey cups and playoff appearances.. manipulate the stats by putting stipulations on when they can be taken from.. then you'll feel much better about how dismal the sporting landscape is looking these days in a place that's had a silver spoon in its mouth since the beginning of time.

Now tell me you wouldn't be mad too.

Ah, not happy or dishappy (if this is a word), but does put a whole different shape to the west playoffs of which I haven't seen, no one for that matter, for some 34 years is it? Will be a change, maybe even a refreshing change. :wink:

This is exactly what I don't understand. Just because I am an Eskimo fan, why does that mean I should hate the Riders. I cheer Eskimo wins not Rider losses. Cheering isn't dull.

I've played rugby for over 30 years and haven't played a game yet where I haven't sat down and had a beer with my opponent after. I don't "hate" the opposition and neither do our fans.

I simply don't understand this need for being negative and in no circumstances is "hate healthy".

I guess what I don't understand is at what point in time did an Eskimo loss take on greater importance to Saskatchewan fans than a Rider victory (substitute any CFL team for Riders).

For the record, I don't like this attitude from Edmonton fans either.

My God, the world is ending !!! Just imagine, Edmonton had 4,000 less fans. Geez, what would you say if Edmonton fans were in Ottawa fans shoes ? It's just proof that Commissioner Campbell no longer runs the Campbell Football League. What would Edmonton fans do if they had the owners and losing teams Ottawa fans have had in the past ?

...the bright side is the Eskimos record this year was only marginally better than the Renegades ORR so there's hope yet for you guys....

As I said, I know some ESk fans and do go for a few pints after/before games, and we argue/discuss things, such as the "evil Empire" aspect.
I openly tell them their team sucks--that I hope they miss the play-offs this year, next year, that I "hate" them. I explain that 30 years of watching Hughy manipulate the league and the rules to his benefit has not been good for the league--some of them concede some of my points, some do not, and then we hoist a few pints.
I have no problem with these people; they don't seem to have a problem with me. They realize that "hate" is only a colourful euphemism to describe the intensity of the rivalry.
Are you saying that beating Calgary on Labour Day holds no more meaning to you as an Eskimo fan than beating Hamilton would in the third game of the year?
Or that you and your team don't get a little extra pumped when the Riders come to town?
Of course you do.
And after 34 straight years in the play-offs, pretty much everyone in the league "hates" Edmonton in this way.
If you can come up with a better word to explain/describe it, then fine.

When the “substitue name” isn’t playing?



[i]Original quote[/i] I guess what I don't understand is at what point in time did an Eskimo loss take on greater importance to Saskatchewan fans than a Rider victory ([b]substitute any CFL team for Riders[/b]).
Just responding to the part that is bolded. I guess I could have wrapped it in < > rather than quotation marks.

I don't think CFListhebest is worried about looking like a moron. He does it every post.

Actually, since the Hamilton Tiger Cats formed in 1950 they have won 8 Grey Cups. If you want to go back and include the times when you had 3 or 4 Toronto teams and 2 or 3 Hamilton teams you might come up with more but the Tiger Cats only won 8. At least Toronto’s 19 wins were as the Argonauts.

There should though be an asterix beside all Grey Cup victories prior to the Lions entering the league but that’s my opinion.

I guess I wasn't even sure to whom you were talking, let alone what aspect of the conversation.
Anyway, absolutely right!
When the Riders are not in a game, I always pick the team I want to win.
I use a few criteria. What impact will the game have on my team is obviously very important.
If the Esks lose and miss the playoffs, looks to me like my team is in. So it is important in that case for the Esks to lose.
Also, I decide based on players I like or dislike.
it makes it even easier to cheer against the Esks as long as they have guys like Gass on the team.
I hate (there's that word again) the fact they have classy guys like Ray and Davis, because I actually like them...which is why it is frustrating watching the Bombers lately.
I "hate" the Bombers!
But I like Stegal--one of the classiest guys in the league--and Kevin Glenn is one of my favourite players and I do want him to have success.
In Calgary, I think Burris and Copeland are idiots, so it makes it real easy to "hate" them right now.

But it is all about rivalry and competition. It isn't really hatred.