Happy the Eskimos are out Finally??

simple poll, are you glad the Esks are finally out? yes or no.

I'd be just as happy if there wasnt a playoff streak before it.

Simply because my team killed off their record.

I am thrilled, ecstatic, overjoyed ... you get the picture. Even if the Stamps lose tomorrow, t won't sting nearly as much as usual :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Sorry dude but this year every team killed them off.
Even Hamilton!

the better way to phrase it would be "my team delivered the coup de grace (or final blow if you prefer)"

I couldnt be happier now all those obnoxious eskimo fans wont have that stupid number to throw in everyones face. But seeing how Edmonotn sports fans excell at manipulating numbers to find way to make the sports teams look better theyll find a way to make this year not count.

Sorry dude ,the Riders didn't help out with it. :lol:

Sure they did…they had wins when the Esks didn’t… :wink:

League attendance suffered this year because of Edmonton's poor play.

I think a good Edmonton is good for the league.

After 8 home games last year, they averaged 42,482 per game. This year, they are averaging 38,631, almost 4,000 less!

And I don't envision a great crowd for the final game of the season. The fact that it's against Saskatchewan may help, but its also on a Friday, which would definately be a hinderance to those who might make the trip from Sask.

Sorry, mada, but Edmonton fans are not the one to manipulate numbers. The Eskimos have far and away the most CFL Grey Cups, with 13. This is a simple FACT. No manipulation required. It is sad sack fans of other teams that try to make some of them "not count" by claiming that trades that broke no rules, and was approved by the CFL Head Office, was somehow "cheating", and the Grey Cup shouldn't count. Perhaps you should read back through some of these threads.

Good morning, good morning
Good morning to you, it's a brand new day~

Get you stats straight

Edmonton does NOT have the most

they're 3rd

Toronto has 19 and Hamilton 14

As an Als fan, I kinda wish Edmonton hadn't had their streak broken in a loss to the Argonauts, who are now in sole possession of first place in the East, but I'm still happy the Esks are out. Because now maybe the media will stop talking about a streak that is interesting at best and completely unremarkable at worst, a 34-year playoff streak in an EIGHT-TEAM LEAGUE WHERE SIX TEAMS MAKE THE PLAYOFFS. I mean, honestly, people, it's not that great a streak. Make the playoffs 34 years in a row in a 20-team league and I'll give you all the kudos you deserve. In an eight-team league -- at times even smaller, when the Als had folded -- making the playoffs is nothing special. If you miss the playoffs, you should be concerned, because that usually means you're one of the worst (if not THE worst) team in the CFL.

Sorry, cflisthebest, didn't realize that you were illiterate. I said the Eskimos have the most CFL Grey Cups, at 13. Which is true. The Grey Cup has been around for many decades longer than the CFL has been around. Prior to 1954, the Grey Cup was awarded to amateur rugby teams. The CFL only took the Grey Cup as their Championship trophy in 1954. Get someone that can read to look it up for you. The Toronto Argonauts only has 5 CFL Grey Cups. The prior 10 Grey Cups were won by their University amateur rugby team. So yes, they do have more Grey Cups than Edmonton. But not more CFL Grey Cups. And perhaps take your own advice and get your facts straight before posting again. Or risk looking like a moron.

If making the playoffs for 34 straight years in the CFL was so easy, why has no other team even come close? It should be easy, right? There ought to be 50 year streaks out there! For many years, 16 out of 21 teams in the NHL made the playoffs. Heck, for many decades, there was only 6 teams in the NHL. Why did no NHL team come close to 34 straight years in the playoffs?

Making the playoffs in any individual year is no great accopmlishment. But to avoid the ups and downs that most teams endure over the decades, and to make the playoffs for 34 straight years, is indeed a remarkable accomplishment. Make no mistake. It is a record that may never be broken.

OK Larry enough already except your teams loss and the fact they will not be playing November. Yes, The eskimos have done something in the past they should be proud of. But enough already! The problem that I see with your posts you are in denial and just just move on like good schmoe fan. Just except it!

At any point in time have I denied the Eskimos missed the playoffs this year? If I did, I must have missed it. Why don't stamps fans proudly pronounce that they haven't won the Grey Cup since 2001, and only have 5 of them compared to the Eskimos 13? It is the truth!!! Just accept it!!!

Your posts remind me of a clown that once were graced on this sight Warner!

[i]Edmonton we love you,
Edmonton we love you,
Edmonton we love you in the fall.

Edmonton we love you,
Edmonton we love you,
Edmonton we love you, but you just can't play football!![/i]
Alternate final line: Edmonton we love you, but you just can't stop Stegal!!)

It brings a tear to a glasseye(Piffles)

All I know Larry, is you aren't going to win the Grey Cup this year.
That's the truth. That's the facts!
Live with it!

I have accepted it, arius. I've moved on, and am over it. The difference between you and I, is that you still refuse to admit that your team has not won anything since the 1980's, and you can't get over it.
That's the truth. That's the facts!

Now repeat after me, and let the healing process begin. The riders have not won the Grey Cup since 1989. The riders have only won 2 Grey Cups in a 90+ year franchise history. Continue to repeat this until the anger subsides. It won't take the pain away of knowing you'll never have as many Grey Cups as Edmonon, but it will sting less.