Happy Thanksgiving!

We have many things to be thankful for in Canada including the best kind of football: CFL!

Amen. No guarantee the League we LOVE will always be here, so let's be Thankful for it. Also Thankful for the wonderful country we live in.

That is what I like to see.

A citizen who shows patriotism for both sides of the border.

2 best friends in the world.

FYI - England and Scotland do not like each other.

Well said swahgade3! Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!


and I know a lot of Americans that are thankful they are not Canadian............. :wink:

But let's not get into politics please, this is a CFL football site.

Is Canada no longer part of the American continent?

Why am I always the last to find out about such things?

That's right.

Take a positive thread and turn it into a negative.


Do not let the postings of 1 person bring you down.

DC is negative and bitter .

Rod Black , refs, play-off system, politics ....

He just needs to smile more often.

Yeah, he seems like a bit of an SJW, no doubt.

What evs. At least he likes Football, I guess.

So thankful for what we have in Canada, thank you so much. Sure, our country isn't without it's problems and warts, but still a pretty darn excellent place to live in that attempts to balance freedom with social consciousness and entrepreneurship to take anyone where they want to go in private risk taking business. Or at least try.

Didn't intend for it be taken as a negative. I'm thankful I'm Canadian. We aren't perfect but still a great place to live.

I am thankful I'm not American because it is not a great place to live right now, very divided and a little dangerous. There are a lot of great Americans and the really crazy ones (has nothing to do with any one political party) are the ones in the news and outside North America they all get labelled as whatever that minority of crazies are.

Maybe poorly worded and not the right thread for it, but wasn't meant as an insult to Americans or our American posters.

I am thankful we sit next to the US.

Not next to China or N Korea.

I am grateful to the Canadians who stormed Juno Beach.

Without those guys giving it up, we would not have the CFL or life we live.

We could be on a soccer forum speaking German.

I disagree. DC is not negative and bitter. He just sees incompetence and points it out. Nothing wrong with that. I do it myself very often. I think we all should. The world would be a better place with less incompetence.

I think you, brihind88 and you, Vermonter are good posters also. Let's be thankful we have a guy like DC on our side.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

DC speaks his mind and that is fine I would say. I pray for all of humanity that we will learn to love each other more and more every day and respect each others differences and viewpoints. We are lucky we live in a country that allows a fair bit of freedom of expression and where people can chose whatever faith or non-faith for that matter to follow. We need to protect our freedoms as much as possible.

Thanks DC. Canada is great for sure and I'm Thankful

Also USA is a great country doing just fine. That is why over 300,000 Canadians living legally part time
there. Wonderful country that's why so many around the world want to move their.

I feel for the sane Americans, who are in the vast majority, because outside the continent the get labelled as crazies and nut jobs like the minority.

Living on the border we get to see things in a light the rest of the world doesn't see. However, I will always call them a little crazy for that mutant form of football they play down there. :wink:

Free speech is not just the right to say what you want, it is also the obligation to respect others opinions and right to express them. Debate of opinion is good, attacking opinions is repressive.

Hasn't Canada been placing restrictions on free speech as of late? :-X

Or is that just a false perception based on sketchy news reports? :stuck_out_tongue:

:wink: :wink:

Someone obviously took exception to my Trump pic so I've neutralized it. It was just intended as a joke.