happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving CFL fans! Enjoy the games today. Here's hoping your team wins!

I think most of us in blue-and-gold support gear will be happy if the Bombers just turn in a respectable game.

They did a lot more than that Kenny. :thup:

Happy Thanksgiving to CFL fans and Canadians wherever you are!

and Happy Columbus day to all CFL fans in the US!!

Did anyone eat an exceptionally good meal? What items?

This is my favourite holiday here in the US, and I start my new year 1 December based on it for sake of all that I do. As long as I am single without kids waiting for toys, I can manage that plan you know.

I'm looking forward to our holiday here in only five weeks, but damn how I wish we celebrated on Columbus Day like you do there! Instead many of us not working for government have to work you know. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

At least where there are Italians especially in the Northeastern US they celebrate Columbus Day with also food.