Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

As we get ready to watch the game lets take a minute or two to list a few things that we are thankful for. Afterwards I'm hoping that we can add "another Ticats win" to the list - lol.

I am thankful for...

  • My wonderful family which was made complete in February with the birth of my baby boy (and future Ticat starting QB - lol).

  • For being Canadian and being able to live in this beautiful country. I feel truly blessed.

  • All the guys overseas right now who are missing Thanksgiving with their family so that they can help make someone else life a little bit better.

Sorry that this isn't really football related.


PS - I am also thankful that the Argo's Suck!

As far as the team goes, I am thankful for the addition of Porter to our lineup and the coaching change. I'm not usually a fan of mid-season coaching changes, but this time it believe it was necessary and overdue.
Go Cats!

Let Hope the Game is not a Turkey

Looks like it's going downhill. Montreal hasn't had to punt yet. Defence can't tackle. Lumsden is hurt (big surprise).

Yep Turkey of Game on Turkey Day