It occurred to me, as I was conversing with my remaining little buddies (turkies), that I had not wished all the best on this Thanksgiving weekend. Yes, I and we all take shots at each other promoting and defending our beloved CFL teams on this site. But we realize it is all in good fun!!!! Although Canada is not perfect, we are truly blessed to live here and be able to do combat over a silly game (CFL football) rather than avoid bombs, terrorists and war on the homefront in general. Think about that folks when we all sit down on Thanksgiving weekend and appreciate just how fortunate we are. And, have some thoughts for our young men and women in our military who are far from home in such places on this Thanksgiving time. Also, enjoy my turkeys!!

Canada and CFL FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :thup: :smiley:


Hey turkeybend, watch out, im coming to eat you!

lol. Wow turk good points and all veryt true. take care this week everyone. We shall battle it out on monday after the double header.

I couldnt agree more turkey, Happy Thanksgiving to all the posters on this site, have a safe weekend, its important to be thankful for the freedoms we all share.

Thanks and happy thanksgiving to you and all posters. Load up on turkey!!

Go Lions!!!!!!!!!!

I may come across as a hater on here, but I'm not....I love ALL people, especially football fans. Though we're rivals during the game, when it gets shut off we're all just people....best wishes to ALL of you. Even those damned Stamps fans. :wink:

....why are we damned?...I'm fairly religious and take offense to that statment....you should learn some manners....

...happy holiday turk....

all in good fun...apologies extended. In all honesty, it was a gesture indicative of a white towel....just for one day though. Please, let it go - if only for a moment.

....a truce so to speak....all right, happy holiday....

thank you....same to you and yours.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Turkeynuts it seems like the Stamps your riders are laying turkey during a football game! Happy Thanks Giving!

Happy Thanksgiving Turkeybend. I heard on the radio that more turkeys are sold in British Columbia every year than the rest of Canada combined. I would have thought with all the turkey riders fans eat each year come playoff time that they'd lead in that category.

that’s kind of funny. I felt very bad but, in reviewing your posts, I see you use “Damn” and “God Damned” more than I do (lol). So the guilt has lifted. I still think it’s time for a truce though…if we get so worked up about football that it makes us angry it’s not really an enjoyable pasttime anymore, is it?

Doesn’t mean I won’t come on strong when I feel it’s necessary…just that, in the end, I’m the type who would shake your hand afterward and say “no hard feelings”, that’s all. Life’s too short…

Let’s hope for an exciting rematch and that our taunting afterward (whoever that may be) stays respectful and mature. It’s all in the name of the game, right?

....agreed....(I better go check that GD claim, for my own sake)....