Happy retirement Ricky Ray

Hope you have a long, happy and healthy retirement Ricky. A class act that contributed quite significantly to the talent level in the CFL. Congratulations on a great career.

Happy retirement Ricky! Wishing you all the best - class act and great player. To think he started his career in the CFL 17 years ago!

Definitely one of the all time greats. After that scary injury last year, I’m kind of glad he’s not attempting a comeback.

I’m also glad I don’t have to watch him pick apart our secondary anymore ;).

never had anything against RR, just never was really a fan either.

in his favor though is that including NFL qbs, he goes out with the second highest QB rating of the top 32 in yardage and the highest pass %. Not too bad.

Has to be tough leaving a sport that he has probably been playing since childhood, but I really believe he has made the smart decision in terms of his future health. The writing was on the wall, and he read it. All the best.

I agree.

A few years back I thought RR was the guy with the best chance to surpass Calvillo’s records. Now I think AC is safe for the better part of a decade, at least.

as far as the CFL goes. Drew Brees only needs about a season and a half to take over pro football yardage.

Even though I loved to verbally abuse Ricky when he played us, he was one of the ambassadors of the CFL and class act.

Congrats on a great career Ricky and best of luck in the future!

Good luck in the future Ricky and thanks for all the exciting football!

Better late than never, he should of retired a year ago; could have avoided his latest injury.

Always wished we would have seen more of his personality.

He played for two of my least favourite franchises. Although I started to like the Esks with Reilly.

Good Luck Ricky… go join TSN?

He seems a little too quiet and reserved for that.

Sounds perfect tbh, a sort of anti-Rod Black.

I"d love to see him be the Tony Romo of the CFL.