.......HOPEFULLY ...we'll kick the New Year off with some great news.....all the best in 2010 guys... :thup:

Right on Pops, Good news we need. Would go well with a Gibson.

2010, year of the Tiger(Woods), according to the Chinese calender, lol.

I think we Bomber fans may remember the 2009 season as the Year of the Loon. :roll:

.....Does that mean the Cats (tiger) will somehow claw their way to a Cup.....geez....Maybe we better hire Marshall???? :lol: :lol:

Happy New Year everyone.

Happy New year to everybody. I hope this is the year of Tiger Woods as well, love to watch the guy play golf, cant imagine watching the majors without Tiger! We all make mistakes. Hoping this is the year of the Bombers lead by Bishop. BTW for 2010 this is my user ID , my only ID! Michael Bishop 2010. I finally figured out pixel heights for picture. Kelly Fanatic still allowed me the large picture, Paul Pearson tiny pic, that was the tech problem was talking about. But for new year start off fresh, 1 user ID with smaller picture. So long Kelly Fanatic and Paul Pearson.

.....GOTTA HAND IT TO YA...Mike B. 2010.....you must be 'the' no 1 fan of the guy....are you sure you're not his brother lol :lol: ....oh and by the way.....nice lady :wink:

…GOTTA HAND IT TO YA…Mike B. 2010…you must be ‘the’ no 1 fan of the guy…are you sure you’re not his brother lol :lol: …oh and by the way…nice lady :wink:
Thanks Papa, in the Bishop fan club I am still on probabtion until they are absolutely sure of my loyalty. I am up for full membership in May.

It would be better if you removed the return between the two images so they are on the same line instead of one over the other. It would look better that way since at least it would look like Bishop is throwing the ball to the woman.

Good Idea BB, but I just got the order that the picture had to go because it was offensive to a moderator. Said it was not suitable for a family site. Good thing I am not paranoid or I might think that was just because it was my picture.

You guys should consider yourself lucky as I have been trying to find pictures of bare chested Bombers to add to my signature area to counteract that picture but I guess I'll stop now. :wink:

I would hope that a Bomber cheer leader would be considered OK

Not by me. I have an aversion to cheerleaders. Funny how all of my female friends do too.

I really wish you guys would remember there are women here as well so I will warn you. I will put up pictures of bare chested football players in my signature if any guy insists on having pictures of half naked women in theirs and a lot of cheerleader outfits qualify as half naked.

My apolgies :slight_smile: Now I get it

…guess you’ll have to pardon some of us… who just think that there are only guys posting on this site… :oops: I, for one, have used the term ‘guys’ (meaning everyone) but i know the fairer sex does not like the reference…soooooo i will promise to say ‘guys and gals’ from now on (one resolution i can probably keep)…sorry if i came across as a 'macho -------…‘blue blood’ you are right-on… :thup:

I don't have a problem with anyone using the phrase "you guys" when referring to everyone as I do it too (actually I rather dislike being called a "gal" but that's me). I can't recall ever being offended as a women when reading posts here. I've felt offended as a Bomber fan or offended as an intelligent person :wink: but that's different. :lol: In other words, post as you usually post but if you are directing a post at me I would appreciate being addressed as she/her rather than he/his. It's just the pictures of women that I was getting tired of. BTW, did you know that at least one of the mods here is a woman (jm02)? So you see, I'm not the only woman here.

…oooooops…i’ve already posted on the Hefney thread using the term ‘gals’…guess i’ll scrap that then eh…blueblood :thup:

No problem. When in doubt you can use "football goddess" or just plan "goddess" will do. :lol:

How about Crazy Lady with blue hair ?