Happy New Year CFL"S top story of the year

Happy New year to all, Hope the new year is just as good or even better in 2010.

here is my best story of the cfl this year, the ratings of the cfl on TSN smashing all time high of averging 0ver six hundread thousand viewers, now lets get Toronto fixed and we have a league with only 8 teams, that can compete with all other north american leagues .

Happy New Years Everyone!

Happy New Year from a little south of the border!

Happy New Year's. Best of luck to everyone in the new year, and remember to drink responsibly! :wink:

And yes, George Stroumboulopoulos dutifully annointed the Rough Riders blunder as the blunder of the year. :smiley:

Happy New Year to all and be safe.

Happy New Year to all my fellow CFL fans and all the best for 2010!

gauisus novus annus :thup: