Happy New Year CFL fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8) - a belated Merry Christmas to Ryoon and all.

All the best in the New Year to all CFL fans. Rider Priders were rewarded this year after a long wait! However, each team has dedicated and loyal fans which makes our league so great. The Grey Cup is truly a unifying force for our country. One New year wish is that eventually we have a coast to coast league with new franchises in the Maritimes and in Quebec City where football is so very popular!
Best wishes to all the fans who post on this site. We may disagree and take friendly shots at each other but be assured there is mutual love for the CFL and respect for each fan's dedication and support for their team. Next season is up for grabs with any team potentially Grey Cup champion. Until next season though, remember RIDERS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!


And the best wishes for a Happy New Year to you as well, turkey. May all CFL fans, especially those on this forum, have a great 2008.

Happy New Year to you Turkey! May your "Creative Writting" class be just as productive in 2008!

Happy New Year to everyone!
Only 6 months until the new football season.
I can hardly wait...

Go Riders!

Happy New Years!

Can't wait for the season to start up again!

Happy New Years to all!