Happy New Year 2021

I would like to wish to each of you and your family a Happy New Year and a prosperous 2021.

Looking forward to the CFL coming back stronger than ever.


HAPPY NEW YEAR to you too.....I enjoy reading your thoughts.


Happy New Year to all .

Happy New CFL Year to all fans of 3 down football, Let's all have a victory formation on COVID-19

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Here’s to hoping there’s a season to be played this years. Cheers!!

This doesn't look good

...there’s something head-scratching about that AB roll-out program...if phase one is health-care workers, senior-care workers and seniors themselves and phase three is the general public, then who is in phase two? And it would have to be A LOT of ppl if it’s going to take from end of March to September to poke those arms...I think, as the article notes, the gov is being overly cautious and also running around the legislature bldg with their underwear on their heads (again)...

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