Happy Labour Day

I havent posted in awhile. Good reasons.
I sit here in Winnipeg in pain now waiting to be over 3 years for knee surgery.

I dont know what is most depressing:

Our health care system mismanagement
Our Tigercats pathetic games to watch
A lot of troubling posts

Hey I want a winning team too.

Evans is a human being. He IS NOT the same man from last year.

Something is terribly wrong, medically, mentally, or emotionally.

Sure the very OFFENSIVE LINE is part if that so are dropped catchable passes and let us not also blame him for our Defence choking in Q4.

He is too wired too pumped too many highs and lows and look like a deer looking into headlights.

His confidence is shot.

I love the Ticats always have since about age 6 so thats been for 60 years.

But to see this team self destruct when the other team tries to hand us the game on a gold plate and we fumble or stumble.

No worries though.

We have Tomny Condell as our offensive coordinator. Now he is not responsible for player personbel but yes to bonehead where the heck did that come from play calling.

Folks until we fix that results won't change.

Enjoy Labour Day all.


Good luck with your knee surgery!

Perhaps Masoli was a calming factor for Dane? He did he a better QB demeanour. I think the pressure of being declared the number one plus I heard he had his first child are too much pressure.

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Happy Labour Day ....

hope the Cats play better than the last quarter at BMO . Do not want to see a blow out on Labour Day back to back with the Elks going into Calgary .

Can’t wait to see the Ticats play the Argos…oh wait that’s already happened like 6 times this year….


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An outstanding interview (although very lengthy) with Caretaker from Hitchcock and Morreale

"I couldn't let my older brother (Michael) and his favourite football team (the Ticats) pass away at the same time."

Player Name Position Injury WED THU FRI SAT Game Status
Dane Evans QB Right Shoulder DNP Full Full
Bailey Feltmate LB Quad DNP DNP DNP
Jamie Newman QB Neck Full Full Full
Ted Laurent DL Groin Full Full Full
Matthew Shiltz QB Right Wrist DNP DNP DNP
Alden Darby Jr. DB Healthy Scratch Full Full Full
Anthony Johnson WR Wrist DNP DNP DNP
Chris Van Zeyl OL Hip Full Full Full

Guessing Feltmate was likely doing some drills one on one with trainers and or helping out like he was when i've been to practice twice in the past few weeks .

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In a playoff game style move, the Argos are spending the night:

The Argos will conduct their pre-game walkthrough in Toronto and then spend Sunday night in the Hamilton area. “We’re going tomorrow (Sunday),’’ said Dinwiddie when discussing the team’s travel plans. “The organization spent the money to make sure we’re as prepared as possible to win a football game.”

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Good move, the 1 hour drive would really affect the teams energy level.
More like the boys will be out late drinking with their team mates.

Thank goodness we have the deep thinking Argos, they keep us in the hunt.

Maybe not even an hour. Wouldn’t they depart from their practice facility in Mississauga?

Seems unnecessary. If sleeping in a strange bed was really an advantage, teams could always do it for their home games.


Maybe it's that I don't choose to keep up-to-date on everything Argos, but don't they walk over, from their BMO locker room to practise at Lamport Stadium, in Liberty Village?

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Google says you are correct. I’m hopelessly out of date. They used to practice in Mississauga when they played at SkyDome and needed permission from the Blue Jays batboy to enter the facility.

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