Happy Holidays Rider Fans!!!

Just wanted to wish everyone the best the season has to offer. The Riders gave us a great early Christmas present of the Grey Cup. I'm sure many of you, like me, got a chance to see it on its rounds. Still feels great! I know there is lots of Rider paraphernalia wrapped under our tree (even in Rider wrapping paper) Wishing everyone Peace, Joy, Hope and Good Health. Here's to another great season in 2008! Be safe and warm!

Merry Christmas!!

And A Happy Xmas and new year to you RIDER NATION I know I got rider gear for xmas how bout you?

ya!!! i got a KJ jersey

I got a Rider's bandana and hot sauce. My husband got a Grey Cup champs hat (super nice)and a license plate. We also gave Rider gear to many people on our list...its the gift that keeps on giving...