Happy Grey Cup Day All!

Here's wishing everyone a really fun day tomorrow ! (well, in less than 2 hours it will be tomorrow) :lol:

As a treat, I found this to get you all in the mood of "sharing" the day with all Canadians country-wide.

It's the half-time show entertainment from the Calgary Grey Cup 2000....... Can you guess who ? :wink:


May the best team win ! :rockin:

~ don't drink and drive ~

Doncha mean less than 4 hours? McMahon Stadium's in a different time zone, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

Whats more Canadian than Bauchman and Cummings singing share the land. Great 1/2 time party.
That was the one thing about the semi game in Hamilton I was a little disappointed in. After the great job our cheer leaders did I was hoping for a live band.
Maybe next yr. How about April Wine? If you haven't seen them live I can tell you, they now how to rock the house.
Doc 8)

next year lets get truly canadian put STOMPIN TOM OUT AT THE HALF

"Maybe next yr. How about April Wine? If you haven't seen them live I can tell you, they now how to rock the house."

I'll second your motion for "April Wine", and I'll add "Lighthouse" and "Great Big Sea" :stuck_out_tongue:

Found this from Palm Springs, California: (I never thought I'd ever say that it would s.uck to be in California right now) :lol:

[url=http://www.mydesert.com/article/20091129/SPORTS05/911290351/1002/SPORTS]http://www.mydesert.com/article/2009112 ... 002/SPORTS[/url]

First, we have a question from Brenda on The Grey Cup.

Question: I am hoping you can help all of us Canadians down here in the desert by letting us know if Time Warner will be showing The Grey Cup on Nov. 29. It is Canada's final football game of the season and I know a lot of us would enjoy watching it. Plus, how am I supposed to host a Grey Cup party if I don't get it?

Answer: The Grey Cup is Canada's version of the Super Bowl with Montreal facing Saskatchewan at 3 p.m., today.

Unfortunately, for fans in the desert, you won't be able to watch The Grey Cup from home because it won't be carried by any American network (in some previous years Versus broadcast the game).

The best bet is to head out to a local sports bar to catch the game. For instance, The Beer Hunter on Washington and Highway 111 in La Quinta said they will show the game.

Sorry about your party.

Your team, the Riders, are in it .
You must be pumped, mikey. :thup:

Thanks for casting your thoughts my way once again Zontar on this, Canada's greatest annual party day. I'm humbled.

Got three good friends on the Riders, so who wouldn't be pumped ! :rockin: !

Speaking of "pumped", here's some Grey Cup 2009 trivia. The Official Grey Cup anthem this year is "Oh What a feeling", the original song having being written and recorded by Hamilton's very own Kelly Jay et al and their band, Crowbar, who were based, at the time, on Mohawk Road at an old farmhouse they called "Bad Manors" and titled their smash hit album "Bad Manors" after. The house still stands today on what's called "Old Mohawk Rd" which branches off Mohawk just before you get near the Ancaster Meadowlands.

The house, "Bad Manors" can be seen on the album cover as you enjoy listening to "Oh, what a feeling" here:


Go Riders !! :rockin:

Happy Grey Cup Day !

Well , mikey, that's the difference between you I guess.

Without our boys in it Tiger-Cat fans aren't "pumped". Just maybe enjoying one last day of CDN football.

Thanks deerhunter I will be enjoying the game with a Bluebombers fan, an Argo fan I of course will be proudly wearing my Tiger-Cats sweat shirt @ ballcap.Have a great Grey Cup Sunday yourself!

all half to disagree Zontar i'm Pumped i can't wait for our celebration of CANADIAN FOOTBALL today a day after watching a great come back at the C.I.S level ...

Sure Our Tigercat's are not in the show but holy you can still be pumped for what is going to be a good game and celebration of our great Canadian game...

Its about keeping the spirit of Canadian football alive and well with Chicken and ribs salad lot's of family and friends heading over great Canadian weekend for Football no matter what Team is yours ....

Keep the CFL pride going ...

All CFL fans should be pumped its our day our Canadian game and our Canadian championship....

Go riders Go

If only we could get people to be "pumped" into actually attending and buying tickets to TC games to celebrate and keep the CFL pride going instead of being "pumped" to stay at home and watching it on TV.

Or just buying sweatshirts etc.....

Despite this thread's dark cloud, I would like to extend my best wishes on this national sports championship day.

Hey Al from New Brunswick ! Hope you enjoy the day ! (any good kitchen parties down your way today ?)

Here's a new Riders 2009 Grey Cup song I just found.......lol :lol: :rockin:


I was at McMahon Stadium for GC 2000: the place was rockin' ! Iam there again today, if only in spirit.

Happy Grey Cup Sunday everyone.

It's time to enjoy one last CFL game before this long off-season begins and we hope this biggest game of the year will be a good one. And I hate to say it, but I don't think this one will be very good. I think the Als will finally get it right this year and beat the Riders in a one-sided win. They can't all be classics. But I could be wrong. Twenty years ago, the Riders took on a heavily-favoured team and won the Grey Cup game (sorry if I brought back bad memories.) But this could also be like Grey Cup '97 when a heavily-favoured team lead by Doug Flutie in what turned out being his last CFL game easily beat the Riders. We'll see.



Als 37
Riders 17

MVP: Calvillo
Outstanding Canadian: Duval

I guess you didn't know BYF, but Damon Duval is an American.


I don't know how I made that mistake. So I'll go with Cahoon for that award. I was thinking of making that prediction anyway.

Pre-game show to start on TSN in five minutes.

I teed up a game thread of my own -- sorry if this is one...LOL

I will be on later, so enjoy the game. Go Als!

Oski Wee Wee,



I'm being mercyful!!!!!!!!!!!!