Happy Gilmore

He played for the Tiger Cats
and later the Argos in the 50's

[I better change that to late 1950's so this doesn't make me look too old.] :lol:

Ronnie's relationship with his stepfather Harvey
was a lot like that of Eric Lindros and his dad,

except Ronnie with his movie star good looks
was more interested in acting than in football.

Ronnie Knox in 1957

To give you an idea of this bizarre pair,
check this out.

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Here he got a start as a junior for UCLA

'This was what the crowd had been waiting for.
They had heard about Ronnie for years
(TIME, July 12, 1954).

As a teen-age star, he had traipsed
from one high school to another

while his vastly ambitious stepfather
hand-picked his coaches.

No one ever played as good
a game as Harvey talked,

but last week Ronnie almost lived up
to his stepfather's boasts.

...pitching with an index finger
painfully injured in practice,

Ronnie completed two beautiful passes.

When Texas defenders dropped back
to cover his receivers, he ran

with the bruising drive
of an authentic All-America.

Professional Pessimism.

With Ronnie Knox calling the shots,
the Bruins looked as bright as their billing....

In all, Ronnie completed six passes,
three for touchdowns.

The next week's game against Maryland
was expected to be U.C.L.A.'s toughest
of the season.

To hear Harvey Knox tell it,
Ronnie will win it singlehanded.


Why, if Ronnie don't throw
for five or six touchdowns,

I'll disown him. I'll cream him."

Does anybody else remember
any stories about him..Wilf? Harv?


I 'Googled' some of his acting roles

earlier roles

later roles