Happy Gilmore

Chubbs Peterson (Carl Weathers) in Happy Gilmore played on the BC Lions from 1971-1973 and appeared in 18 games.

Just another thing to add to the Lions greatness.

Is it true that Forrest Gump played for the Riders?

How old are you two?

Seriously, grow up.

apollo creed played for the BC lions? :lol:

Ah the Scorpian King played for the Stamps

Calm down kid!

Is Chubbs Peterson his real name? I knew he played in the CFL, but I was never able to find Carl Weathers listed anywhere.

Carl Weathers ("Apollo Creed" in the "Rocky" movies) did play in the CFL!

I think Brock LEsnar was on the Bombers practice roster one time for about a week. May it was just the neg list.

Pro-wrestler Lex Luger once played as an Alouette, except he was using his real name, Larry Pfoehl.

Don't the Lions have a former Hollywood stuntman playing on the team right now?

I think Hacksaw Jim Duggan also played for Toronto for awhile.

Flyin' Brian Pillman played for the Stamps after he got cut from the Bengals. He actually had moderate success with the Bengals.

I wasn't going to mention Pillman but I thought I would, once somebody else followed the wrestling referrence. Pillman was an amazing athlete. His Motorcycle crash was the end of that though.

Lou Ferigno had tryouts with the Argos but didn’t stick. Grady Cavness had some bit parts after his Wrestling career.

I think you're talking about Frank Ferrara. We cut him a few years ago.

Does anybody remember Ronnie Knox?

Frank Ferrara was replaced by Aaron Hunt!

His real name is Carl Weathers. He was "Chubbs" in Happy Gilmore, AKA the golf-pro whose hand was eaten by an alligator. As NovaScotian said, he also played Apollo Creed in the Rocky series.

Here's the link: http://www.bclions.com/index.php?module=page&id=3057#W

Gene Kiniski(World Heavyweight Wrestling Champ) played for the Eskimos- I think he still does!!!!!!!!!!!

And he was the star of the movie "Action Jackson." People may not be familiar with it, but it was a pretty big film back then. (I used to work in a video store at the time.)

The Rock was in the Stamps training camp as a DE before wrestling fame...but Wally cut him.