Happy... for the players...the coaches...and "we"

They say in football, that a team has to learn, how to win. There is no dought, that happened, vs the Argo's.
I know as fans we have to take it, a game at a time.
But, I think most fans will agree..what we saw in Toronto, was no fluke.
Great, great, great, win. :thup:

Agree 100%


Congrats to everyone, great game. I've been waiting so long for this.

Amen brotha!@#@

Amen brotha!@#@
First win in Argo Land since 2001. That say's it all.... Thanks Charlie, a few of us, owe you one...at least.

A big congratulations to Bob Young.
Thanks Bob for hanging in there!!
It just might be coming together

This really feels good. They looked nothing like the self destructing teams of the past few years. Good win!! Lets keep the momentum going against the Riders.