HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We live in a great place…with more freedoms than most countries in the rest of the WORLD.

Most of us , have to travell out side this country to get that and most of us have to travell around our own country to see that every one is the same , no matter where you may go. The language and culture may be different…but we all want the same things , in life…to be loved , happy and to watch… CFL FOOTBALL. :lol:

The CFL is OUR game and 3 down football is only played in CANADA…The GREY CUP , is one of our only , made in Canada national festivals and people from all over Canada travell to it…This year it is in the amazing city of Vancouver and they know how to have a party.

Sure CANADA is not perfect , but NO country is.

And boy , do Canadians like to complain about every thing. :lol:

We may have a long winter , but we have few floods , few earth quakes , no volcanos , few tornados , few tsunamis , few droughts …ect…

So , maybe winter is the price, for not having those others. :smiley:

And we love to complain about the different regions of CANADA…but compared to the rest of the WORLD we live in a democractic paradise…SO , ALL OF YOU have a GREAT CANADA DAY…and enjoy… TSN’s… FRIDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL…

What ever team is yours… :smiley:

AND …to our American friends , have fun on the 4TH on JULY.

PEACE and count your blessings today. :smiley: :wink: :smiley:

Well said!
Happy Canada Day eh!!!

we all think that way , I hope? :wink: :lol: :smiley:

oh , BLOODY hell… :lol: :wink: :shock: :smiley:

are we having fun …YET??? :lol:

Canada Day and a CFL double header. Life is good. Happy Canada day to you too hellothere.

TOO TRUE :smiley: and to YOU , as well. :smiley: 8) :smiley:

Very well said hellothere;
To ALL my neighbors to the north, from a Canadian wanna-be, Enjoy your day,keep it safe, and celebrate that wonderful country you all live in everyday…not just July 1st.

And…thank you for sharing the greatest form of Football withhumble fans like myself. :smiley:

Your day is coming soon …Bro…enjoy and thanks!

Happy Canada Day hello there and all fellow Canadians. know we have our differences but it’s Canada’s birthday so let’s be proud.

thanks…great point… :smiley:

ARGOS and OTTAWA WINS…what a great day!!!

Thought Stamps might come back to win and that would mean the red teams would have won and that would be a great Canada day.

Oh well, good weekend for football so far. Have a good weekend all.

Best wishes to everybody for a great Canada Day Weekend! Also, to our American friends and neighbors, and players., Happy Independence Day! Congrats to Edmonton, Ottawa and Toronto for their wins so far this weekend, and best of luck to both the Riders and Ti-Cats for tonight’s game.


MY CANADA DAY PARTY LAST NIGHT WAS A HUGE SUCESS!!! (sorry I couldn’t talk yesterday, I was getting everything ready)

but doesn’t BC have a few volcanoes? if Canada gets Alaska, then they will have a SHIT load of them! :wink:

You guys have a great country! Hope that you guys (and maybe myself :wink: ) make it better!


Kanga, Canada doesn’t need Alaska. We already have way more Arctic than our military could ever possibly defend. I think we should make a deal where we trade some our uninhabited islands in the far north for a strip of the uninhabited wilderness along the Quebec-Maine border which we could add to New Brunswick. That way, should Quebec ever decide to separate, at least Ontario and New Brunswick would be closer and perhaps something could be worked out to keep Canada as a country running sea-to sea.

SSSSHHHH, C-way-dude, you reaking the moment and my vision! :evil:

“Tread softly, for you tread on my dreams.”

Quebecois will be pleased to hear that I had everything in my house writen in English and Freach for the ocasion (Acturally, I just had I sign on my front door that said “Come on in” but I took the liberty of writing it in Freach as well).

COOL :smiley:

THANK YOU :smiley: …no valcanoes out there.They have 1 in near SEATTLE, U.S.A…

WOW!! Kanga…A Canada day party in Atlanta GA?? I’m impressed.